Prof. WANG Yong (汪勇)

PhD - Economics
MSc - Operations Research
BSc - Mathematics              

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34427286

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Dr. Yong Wang received his B.S. in Mathematics from University of Science and Technology of China and his Ph.D. in Economics from Brown University, USA. His main research interests include economic growth and development, macro and public economics, and general economic theory. His work has been published in, among others, Economic Journal, International Economic Review, Journal of Economic Theory, and Journal of Public Economics.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Economic Growth and Development
  • Macro and Public Economics
  • Applied Economic Theory


Participating in or organising a conference / an event

Presented Conference Papers

  • K H Kan and Y Wang (April 2011), "Development Patterns in China and India: A Perspective with CES Production Function", presented at Biennial Pacific Rim Conference, Brisbane, Australia.
  • W H Ho and Y Wang (August 2010), "Asymmetric Information, Auditing Commitment, and Economic Growth", presented at Econometric Society World Congress, Shanghai, China.
  • H Y Li, L Liang, and Y Wang, (July 2006), "Financial Development, Income Distribution, and Economic Growth: Evidence from East Asia Economies", presented at Chinese Economist Society Conference, Shanghai, China.
  • W H Ho and Y Wang (July 2006), "Capital Income Taxation Revisited: The Role of Asymmetric Information", presented at Far Eastern Meeting of The Econometric Society, Beijing, China.
  • W H Ho and Y Wang (16-18 June 2005), "Factor Taxation and Economic Growth under Asymmetric Information", presented at Association for Public Economic Theory Annual Conference, Marseille, France.
  • H Y Li and Y Wang (August 2004), "Inequality and Growth: The Role of Financial Development", presented at Association for Public Economic Theory Annual Conference, Beijing, China.
  • W H Ho and Y Wang (July 2004), "Public Capital, Asymmetric Information, and Economic Growth", presented at Western Economic Association Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada.
  • M Leung and Y Wang (April 2003), "Endogenous Health Care and Life Expectancy in a Neo-Classical Growth Model", presented at Annual Conference of the Royal Economic Association, United Kingdom.