Prof. LIU Yingxia (劉影夏)

BS (Peking University), PhD (UCLA)

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Phone: +852 34424728

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Dr. Yingxia Liu is currently an assistant professor at City University of Hong Kong. Before joining CityU, Dr. Liu worked at Intel as a Quality and Reliability R&D Engineer, in charge of solving the reliability issues related to Intel’s latest packaging technology. Dr. Liu received her Ph.D. from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, and a bachelor’s degree from the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University in 2012. 

Dr. Liu’s primary research interest is in the technology and reliability study of 3D integration circuit (3D IC). By developing ultra-high-density interconnect technology, Dr. Liu is trying to integrate carbon nanotube field effect transistors three-dimensionally. Her recent research extends to 3D integration technology and system engineering for superconducting circuits. Dr. Liu also focuses on the reliability science of interconnects in chip and packaging technology, including the flux-driving kinetics in the interconnects, Joule heating and heat dissipation, and thermal stress analysis and mitigation.



Research Interests/Areas


  • 3D integration technology
  • Packaging reliability
  • Electromigration
  • Flux-driven kinetics