Dr. YU Yimin (虞義敏)


  1. Safety, Reliability, and Disruption Management of High Speed Rail and Metro Systems

    TSUI, K. L., BENSOUSSAN, A., LO, S. M., SHOU, B., SINGPURWALLA, N. D., TSE, W. T. P., XIE, M., YU, Y., YUEN, K. K. R., CHAN, A. B., CHIN, K. S., LEE, W. M., LI, L., MURAKAMI, J., NI, M. C., TAN, M. H., WONG, C. K., ZHANG, Z., ZHAO, J. L., CHAN, N., CHOW, H. A., CHOW, W. K., EDESESS, M., GOLDSMAN, D. M., Huang, J., LI, C. L., LING, M. H. A., LIU, S., NG, S. Y. S., WANG, J., WANG, W., WONG, S. Y. Z., WONG, S. C., XU, Z., ZHANG, D. & ZHOU, Q.

    1/01/16 → …

    Project: Research

  2. Managing Capacitated Multi-Echelon Supply Chains

    YU, Y. & BENJAAFAR, S.

    1/11/15 → …

    Project: Research

  3. Subscription or Traditional Selling

    HU, Q., YU, Y. & DADA, M.


    Project: Research

  4. Managing Perishable Food Processing Supply Chains

    YU, Y.


    Project: Research