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I am Yijia, a PhD student majoring in social psychology. Before joining CityU, I obtained both my bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University.

After exploring a variety of areas in social psychology for several years, I am now interested in two major topics: 1) objectification and dehumanization, especially women’s sexual self-objectification and its antecedents; 2) power and social hierarchy, especially the influence of these structural factors in society on individuals’ self-perceptions, decisions, and even behaviors.

Due to my personal experiences in a patriarchal society, I am extremely interested in women, striving to gain a deeper understanding of this group. I hope that my research can be of some assistance to this vulnerable group in a society that is highly hierarchical and full of glass ceilings for them.

Research Interests/Areas

objectification and dehumanization, especially sexual objectification; power and social hierarchy