Prof. CHANDRA Yanto (蔡振榮)

PhD, MCom (University of New South Wales)

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34427001

Author IDs

Willing to take PhD students: yes
Willing to talk to media: yes

Research Interests/Areas

  • Social entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Public entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Technological governance and impact on economy, society, policy


Yanto Chandra is an Associate Professor at the City University of Hong Kong's Department of Public and International Affairs, where he co-directs the Technology, Policy, and Law Lab.

Chandra's research focuses on the mechanisms of performance of entrepreneurship and innovation in the social and public sector, and how new technologies affect the economy, civil society, and policy and ways to govern them. Recently, he has conducted several projects that examine how large language models (LLMs) artificial intelligence can be applied to improve organizational performance to create impact. He also examines how blockchain, including decentralized autonomous organization, is deployed to create value. These build on his multi-year research that has investigated the relationship between entrepreneurship and performance in the context of hybrid organizations (“social entrepreneurship”) and sustainable business models such as B-Corporation and impact investing.

His research has been published in leading business journals including the Financial Times (FT) 50 journals such as Academy of Management Review, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Business Ethics; and reputable journals such as Journal of Business Venturing Insights, Journal of World Business, Journal of International Marketing, as well as in leading public administration and policy journals such as Public Administration Review, Public Management Review, American Review of Public Administration, Policy & Internet, Journal of Social Policy, and World Development. He was also one of the first scholars who published comics that brought across the principles of entrepreneurship and sustainability.

His research has been supported by the Hong Kong General Research Grants Council, Chiang-Ching Kuo International Research Grants, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SIEFUND) research grant, among others. His research has won international accolades and prestigious awards such as the Best Paper Award at the Academy of Management 2024 (Technology and Innovation Management Division) and 2022 (Entrepreneurship Division), Kooiman Best Paper Award 2021, International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC) Award, and Emerald Literati 2010 Award.  

He was ranked in the Top 2% of all (>200,000) scholars in both the Business and Economics and Political Science and Public Administration categories in an author-citation study by Stanford University as of October 2023. He was also ranked as one of the Top 5 scholars in Political Science and Public Administration in China in 2023 by citation count, according to another study

He is a member of the editorial board of the Academy of Management Perspectives (incoming), and serves an Associate Editor for Journal of Business Venturing Insights, Business Ethics, Environment and Responsibility, Social Enterprise Journal, and Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, among others. He speaks regularly in various local, regional, and international forums including Asia, Europe and United States and has given commentaries in the media including South China Morning Post, CoinTelegraph, Forkast News, The Jakarta Post. 

Before rejoining CityU in 2022, he held tenured appointments as Associate Professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the City University of Hong Kong (joint appointment between the Department of Management and Department of Public Policy), as well as Assistant Professors at the University of Leeds (UK) and University of Amsterdam (NL) business schools.

Chandra completed his PhD in Entrepreneurship and Master of Commerce (Marketing) at The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia. He was trained as an accountant in his first degree. Prior to and in between his academic life, he worked as Assistant Vice President Decision Analytics at HSBC Hong Kong, and as analyst at Ruder Finn Asia (Singapore), strategic planner at Lowe Lintas (Jakarta) and auditor at Ernst & Young (Jakarta). He has held visiting positions at the University of Leeds.

He accepts applications for PhD and postdoctoral candidates to work on cutting edge topics every year. 



  • Artificial Intelligence Forces Us to Rethink Knightian Uncertainy: A Commentary on Townsend et al.'s "Are the Futures Computable" (forthcoming, Academy of Management Review). (SSCI, Q1, IF: 14.6)
  • Winning the Heart and Shaping the Mind with "Serious Play": The Efficacy of Social Entrepreneurship Comics as Ethical Business Pedagogy. Journal of Business Ethics, 188: 441-465. Download. (FT50, Q1, IF: 6.1)
  • Social Entrepreneurship in the Context of Disaster Recovery: Organizing for Public Value Creation. Public Management Review, 23(12), 1856-1877. Download. (SSCI, Q1, IF: 4.9). Kooiman Award Winner for Best Paper in PMR.
  • Topic Modeling the Research-Practice Gap in Public Administration. Public Administration Review, 79(6), 931-937. Download. (SSCI, Q1, IF: 8.3)
  • How Does a Seminal Article in Public Administration Diffuse and Influence the Field? Bibliometric Methods and the Case of Hood's "A Public Management For All Seasons?". International Public Management Journal, 22(5), 712-742. Download. (SSCI, Q1, IF: 2.6)
  • New Narratives of Development Work? Making Sense of Social Entrepreneurs' Development Narratives Across Time and Economies. World Development, 107, 306-326. Download. (SSCI, Q1, IF: 6.9)
  • Social Entrepreneurship as Emancipatory Work. Journal of Business Venturing, 32(6), 657-673. Download. (FT50, SSCI, Q1, IF: 8.7)
  • A Time-Based Model of International Entrepreneurial Opportunity Evaluation. Journal of International Business Studies, 48(4), 423-451. Download. (FT50, SSCI, Q1, IF: 11.6)


  • CityU TDG Grant, Nurturing the Passion and Enhancing the Outcomes of Artificial Intelligence-Driven Entrepreneurs and InnovatorsPrincipal Investigator. HK$270,000 (2024-2025).

  • UGC Fund for Innovative Technology-in-Use (FITE) Grant, Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence. Principal Investigator, HK$300,000 (2023-2025).

  • General Research Fund (GRF) Grant, Understanding the Governance of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations as a Novel Organizational Form in the Blockchain Economy. Role: Principal Investigator (Co-I: Fabrice Lumineau, HKU), HK$500,737 (2024-2026)
  • GRF GrantLegitimacy of Social Enterprises and Customer Patronization. Principal Investigator (Co-I: Long Wang, CityU), HK$813,400 (2021-2023); in-progress.

Major Articles

Editor or Editorial Membership

  • Editorial Board Member, Academy of Management Perspectives (Q1, IF: 8.9)
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Business Venturing Insights (Q1)
  • Associate Editor, Business Ethics, The Environment & Responsibility (Q1)
  • Associate Editors, Journal of Social Entrepreneurship (Q1) and Social Enterprise Journal (Q2)

Services outside CityU

  • Panel Member and Assessor, Social Enterprise Endorsement Mark Certification, Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprise (since 2019)

  • Organizing Committee Member and Convener of the Academic Forum, Hong Kong Social Enterprise Summit (HKSES) (since 2016)


  • Best Paper Award, The Annual Academy of Management Meeting 2024, "Finetuning Artificial Intelligence for Entrepreneurial Pitching Effectiveness." Awarded by the Academy of Management. Shared with Prof Stratos Ramoglou and Dr Shang Liang.
  • Best Paper Award, The Annual Academy of Management Meeting 2022, "The Mechanisms of Performance in Social Entrepreneurship: Assemblage, Market Building, Issue Selling". Awarded by the Academy of Management. Shared with Long Wang (CityU).
  • Kooiman Best Paper Award 2021, paper title: "Social entrepreneurship in the context of disaster recovery: Organizing for public value creation". Awarded by Public Management Review and Routledge (United Kingdom). Shared with Dr Arnil Aras (AVPN)
  • Best Paper Award, International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC) 2020, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 1-3 Sept 2020. Published Journal of Social Policy in 2021. Shared with Prof Michael Roy (GCU) and Shang Liang (EduUHK)



  • H Social Sciences (General) - Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, Governance, Public Management, Technological governance, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Impact Investing, ESG