Mr. ZHAO Xiujie (趙秀杰)


  1. 2017
  2. Research Tuition Scholarship

    WU, Shuilin (Recipient), MENSAH, Albert Kwame (Recipient), YORKE, Sally Mingle (Recipient), HE, Yue (Recipient), YANG, Jingyu (Recipient), ZHANG, Weiyin (Recipient), XU, Jianfeng (Recipient), YUAN, Hui (Recipient), DENG, Weiwei (Recipient), ZHU, Peihu (Recipient), KHOBZI, Hamid (Recipient), LI, Weixun (Recipient), XU, Ruiyun (Recipient), LUO, Xuechen (Recipient), XU, Xiuwen (Recipient), XUE, Qi (Recipient), AHMED, Irfan (Recipient), HO, Chun Yuen (Recipient), LI, Wan (Recipient), QASIM, Abdul Mateen (Recipient), SHAHMOHAMMADI BENI, Mehrdad (Recipient), ZHANG, Chengxian (Recipient), WANG, Long (Recipient), LIU, Hanlin (Recipient), LI, Yongxiang (Recipient), ZHAO, Xiujie (Recipient), HAN, Mei (Recipient), FAN, Wei (Recipient), MAN, Jianing (Recipient), SUN, Shilong (Recipient), ZHANG, Jian (Recipient), SANUSI, Ridwan Adeyemi (Recipient), LIU, Peng (Recipient), AU, Ngan Pan (Recipient), LI, Hualin (Recipient), HE, Wenqing (Recipient), THAKUR, Abhimanyu (Recipient), HOANG, Anh Duc (Recipient), WU, Wei (Recipient), DING, Zhaoyi (Recipient), ZHUANG, Yu (Recipient), GAO, Libo (Recipient), ZHAI, Xiaolong (Recipient), BAO, Yuanye (Recipient), CHENG, Hui (Recipient), LIU, Xiaodi (Recipient), CHAN, Lap Chung (Recipient), HU, Dinglong (Recipient), LYU, Fucong (Recipient), LI, Jiaqian (Recipient), WANG, Panbing (Recipient), CHENG, Junye (Recipient), CHEUNG, Ka Wai (Recipient), DONG, Ruoting (Recipient), KONG, Wei (Recipient), LI, Hongfei (Recipient), SUN, Tianying (Recipient), WANG, Aiwu (Recipient), WANG, Zifeng (Recipient), WANG, Lan (Recipient), YANG, Hao (Recipient), HAO, Huali (Recipient), SHI, Meng (Recipient), ZHANG, Sheng (Recipient), CHAI, Jiale (Recipient), OLADOKUN, Majeed Olaide (Recipient), LI, Yantong (Recipient), FU, Cuiwei (Recipient), WANG, Wei (Recipient), CHEN, Wencheng (Recipient), CHELORA VEETIL, Jipsa (Recipient), MA, Chunqing (Recipient), YAU, Man Shan (Recipient), FENG, Ling (Recipient), CHAN, Miu Shan (Recipient), SHEN, Dong (Recipient), LIU, Ling Sum (Recipient), YUEN, Ka Ki (Recipient), LEE, Cho Cheung (Recipient), LI, Wenjuan (Recipient), ZHENG, Yifeng (Recipient), SUORSA, Olli Pekka (Recipient), NG, Ka Ho (Recipient), GUAN, Lu (Recipient), ZHANG, Yafei (Recipient), ZHOU, Yixin (Recipient), LAM, Ka Yan (Recipient), QIN, Guibing (Recipient), YAO, Yao (Recipient), HUA, Congchao (Recipient), SABERI, Dariush (Recipient), SHANG, Liang (Recipient), YUAN, Dinghuan (Recipient), KWON, Kyung Rok (Recipient), LIU, Yongshen (Recipient), CHEN, Wenna (Recipient), KHIATANI, Paul Vinod (Recipient), CHEUNG, Po Sze Andy (Recipient), DONG, Yang (Recipient), MA, Zewei (Recipient), KIRAMA WEERASINGHE DAHANAYAKAGE, Kalani Chamika Dahanayake (Recipient), MEMAR ARDESTANI, Mehdi (Recipient), CHITTA, Sai Sandeep (Recipient), QIU, Qiwen (Recipient), SHAN, Xiaofang (Recipient), KANNANGARA, Kannangara Koralalage P. M. (Recipient), DAI, Qiuhui (Recipient), FU, Ruchunyi (Recipient), WANG, Shiyu (Recipient), LI, Wenhao (Recipient), LI, Song (Recipient), NEUSIEDL, Christoph Andreas (Recipient), REYES, Danilo Andres (Recipient), TRECCANI, Carloalberto (Recipient), OLIVEIRA SANTOS GARNER, Ana Clara (Recipient), POUJOL, Patrice (Recipient), TIEN, Jianni (Recipient), KWAN, Tsz Him (Recipient), ZHANG, Linghai (Recipient), ABOLUDE, Akintayo Temiloluwa (Recipient), LI, Chong (Recipient), AKINSANOLA, Akintomide Afolayan (Recipient), FARID, Muhammad Usman (Recipient), ONG, Khai Lun (Recipient), YU, Jincheng (Recipient), ZHANG, Yue (Recipient), BIRCHALL, David Martin (Recipient), WU, Mengyuan (Recipient), ZHANG, Jia (Recipient), WANG, Peng (Recipient), JIAO, Jianbo (Recipient), ZHU, Linwei (Recipient), ZHANG, Jiao (Recipient), QIAN, Sheng (Recipient), ZHANG, Jiawei (Recipient), CHEN, Jingjing (Recipient), NIU, Zhixiong (Recipient), MAO, Xudong (Recipient), WANG, Kaixu (Recipient), FAN, Jicong (Recipient), JIN, Junye (Recipient), WANG, Qing (Recipient), ZHU, Qian (Recipient), GHOSH, Sagnik (Recipient), DING, Chen (Recipient), SUN, Jie (Recipient), ZHU, Ze (Recipient), CHEN, Zhe (Recipient), TUNG, Chung Pui (Recipient), ZHOU, Xinyu (Recipient), ZHAN, Wen (Recipient), WU, Chung Kit (Recipient), ZHAN, Xiaoqing (Recipient), ZHONG, Jie (Recipient), LI, Yan (Recipient), PIERSANTI, Paolo (Recipient), HU, Weiying (Recipient), HE, Xin (Recipient), GU, Shuting (Recipient) & HE, Quanfeng (Recipient), 1 Sep 2017

    Prize / Honour: Prizes and awards (RGC: 64B)64B_Prizes and awards

  3. 2016
  4. Excellent Paper Award, the 46th Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering (CIE46) 2016

    ZHAO, Xiujie (Recipient) & XIE, Min (Recipient), 30 Oct 2016

    Prize / Honour: Prizes and awards (RGC: 64B)64B_Prizes and awards

  5. Outstanding Academic Performance Award for Research Degree Students (non-local UGC-funded students)

    HUANG, He (Recipient), HUANG, Weixiang (Recipient), HUSSAIN, Shahid (Recipient), HUSSAIN, Syed Asad (Recipient), JI, Li (Recipient), JIAO, Jianbo (Recipient), JIN, Junye (Recipient), KHAN, Arif Ali (Recipient), KHOBZI, Hamid (Recipient), KIRAMA WEERASINGHE DAHANAYAKAGE, Kalani Chamika Dahanayake (Recipient), LI, Chong (Recipient), LI, Hongfei (Recipient), LI, Hualin (Recipient), LI, Jiaqian (Recipient), LI, Keying (Recipient), LI, Wan (Recipient), LI, Wenjuan (Recipient), LI, Yan (Recipient), LI, Yantong (Recipient), LI, Yongxiang (Recipient), LIN, Wei (Recipient), LIN, Yuting (Recipient), LIU, Hanlin (Recipient), LIU, Peng (Recipient), LIU, Xiaodi (Recipient), LIU, Yao (Recipient), LU, Haojian (Recipient), LUO, Xuechen (Recipient), LYU, Fucong (Recipient), LYU, Yifan (Recipient), MA, Chunqing (Recipient), MAN, Jianing (Recipient), MAO, Xudong (Recipient), MEMAR ARDESTANI, Mehdi (Recipient), MENSAH, Albert Kwame (Recipient), NELSON, Peter Andrew Clarke (Recipient), NEUSIEDL, Christoph Andreas (Recipient), NIU, Zhixiong (Recipient), HE, Wenqing (Recipient), HE, Xin (Recipient), HOANG, Anh Duc (Recipient), HU, Dinglong (Recipient), HU, Jingwei (Recipient), HU, Weiying (Recipient), HUA, Congchao (Recipient), QASIM, Abdul Mateen (Recipient), QIAN, Sheng (Recipient), QIN, Guibing (Recipient), QING, Jian (Recipient), QIU, Qiwen (Recipient), RAHMAN, Md Saifur (Recipient), SELIM, Belal Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed (Recipient), SHAHMOHAMMADI BENI, Mehrdad (Recipient), SHAN, Xiaofang (Recipient), SHANG, Liang (Recipient), SHEN, Dong (Recipient), BAO, Yuanye (Recipient), BIRCHALL, David Martin (Recipient), CHELORA VEETIL, Jipsa (Recipient), CHEN, Jingjing (Recipient), SUN, Tianying (Recipient), SHI, Meng (Recipient), SUN, Shilong (Recipient), SUORSA, Olli Pekka (Recipient), TANG, Wai Kit (Recipient), THACHOTH CHANDRAN, Hrisheekesh (Recipient), THAKUR, Abhimanyu (Recipient), TIEN, Jianni (Recipient), TRECCANI, Carloalberto (Recipient), WANG, Aiwu (Recipient), WU, Fan (Recipient), WU, Hao (Recipient), WU, Mengyuan (Recipient), WU, Shuilin (Recipient), WANG, Huaimin (Recipient), WANG, Jia (Recipient), WANG, Kaixu (Recipient), WANG, Lingyun (Recipient), WANG, Long (Recipient), WANG, Panbing (Recipient), WANG, Peng (Recipient), WANG, Qing (Recipient), WANG, Qingtao (Recipient), WANG, Qiuhong (Recipient), WANG, Wei (Recipient), WANG, Zhenguang (Recipient), WANG, Zifeng (Recipient), WANG, Guomin (Recipient), ABOLUDE, Akintayo Temiloluwa (Recipient), ADJORLOLO, Samuel (Recipient), AKINSANOLA, Akintomide Afolayan (Recipient), ALI, Abid (Recipient), ASIM, Muhammad (Recipient), ZADEH-CUMMINGS, Nazanin Azam (Recipient), OLIVEIRA SANTOS GARNER, Ana Clara (Recipient), ONG, Khai Lun (Recipient), PAN, Haimin (Recipient), PANG, Xufang (Recipient), PARAS, Arnil Tiotuico (Recipient), PEI, Zengxia (Recipient), PENG, Xiang (Recipient), PEREZ-BOBADILLA, Mariana (Recipient), PIERSANTI, Paolo (Recipient), POUJOL, Patrice (Recipient), QAMAR, Zeeshan (Recipient), HAO, Huali (Recipient), HAZARIKA, Natasha (Recipient), HE, Quanfeng (Recipient), ZHAO, Lingling (Recipient), ZHAO, Xiujie (Recipient), ZHENG, Yifeng (Recipient), ZHONG, Jie (Recipient), ZHOU, Xiaoyu (Recipient), ZHOU, Xinyu (Recipient), ZHU, Linwei (Recipient), ZHU, Qian (Recipient), ZHU, Ze (Recipient), ZHUANG, Yu (Recipient), ZIA, Abdul Wasy (Recipient), DONG, Xianliang (Recipient), DOU, Liya (Recipient), FAN, Jicong (Recipient), FAN, Wei (Recipient), FARID, Muhammad Usman (Recipient), FU, Cuiwei (Recipient), FU, Ruchunyi (Recipient), FU, Yang (Recipient), GAO, Ang (Recipient), GAO, Libo (Recipient), GHOSH, Sagnik (Recipient), GU, Shuting (Recipient), GUAN, Lu (Recipient), GUDMUNDSDOTTIR, Andrea (Recipient), GUO, Yao (Recipient), WU, Wei (Recipient), XU, Jianfeng (Recipient), XU, Ruiyun (Recipient), XU, Xiuwen (Recipient), XUE, Qi (Recipient), YANG, Hao (Recipient), YAO, Yao (Recipient), YU, Chenyun (Recipient), YU, Jianhua (Recipient), YU, Jincheng (Recipient), YUAN, Dinghuan (Recipient), YUAN, Hui (Recipient), ZHAI, Xiaolong (Recipient), ZHAN, Wen (Recipient), ZHAN, Xiaoqing (Recipient), ZHANG, Chengxian (Recipient), ZHANG, Jia (Recipient), ZHANG, Jian (Recipient), ZHANG, Jiao (Recipient), ZHANG, Jiawei (Recipient), ZHANG, Xiaoye (Recipient), ZHANG, Yafei (Recipient), ZHANG, Yue (Recipient), CHEN, Wencheng (Recipient), CHEN, Ying (Recipient), CHEN, Zhe (Recipient), CHENG, Hui (Recipient), CHENG, Junye (Recipient), CHITTA, Sai Sandeep (Recipient), DAI, Qiuhui (Recipient), DAI, Wangchen (Recipient), DING, Zhaoyi (Recipient) & DONG, Ruoting (Recipient), 16 Aug 2016

    Prize / Honour: Prizes and awards (RGC: 64B)64B_Prizes and awards