Dr. WANG Xijing (王蹊徑)

 PhD (University College London)

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Dr. Wang is a social psychologist, focusing on three broad research themes: 1) Objectification and Dehumanization; 2) Immoral Behaviour, Aggression, and Self-Interested Behaviour; 3) Inequality, Social Power, Social Dominance, and Hierarchy.

She uses a combination of methods, including laboratory and online experiments (e.g., face-perception, economic games, and behavioural paradigms), quasi-experiments/ special sample studies, surveys, and using ecological and archival data (e.g., Google Ngram).


  • 2021, Sep.--- Present. Assistant Professor, Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, City University of Hong kong.
  • 2019, Jan. ---2021, Aug. Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology, The University of Hong Kong.
  • 2014, Oct. --- 2018, Sep. Ph.D. in Social Psychology, Department of Experimental Psychology, University College London.
  • 2017, Feb. --- 2017, May. Visiting Ph.D. Student. University of Southern California.
  • 2013, Sep. --- 2014, Aug. MSc in Research Methods in Psychology (Distinction), Department of Experimental Psychology, University College London.
  • Before 2013 --- my "past life" :-)

Research Interests/Areas

1) Objectification and Dehumanization

Wang, X., Chen, H., & Chen, Z. (Accepted) Women’s Self-Objectification Under Competition When They Believe Sex Is Power. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Wang, X., Chen, H., Shi, J., & Chen, Z. (Accepted) Threatened Humanity in a Tight World: Cultural Tightness Results in Self-Objectification. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations.

Wang, X., Chen, H., Chen, Z., & Luo., S. (2022). An Exchange Orientation Results in an Instrumental Approach in Intimate Relationships. British Journal of Social Psychology.

Shi, J., Wang, X.,* Teng, F., & Chen, Z. (2022). A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way: Gratitude Reduces Objectification. Journal of Positive Psychology.

Wang, X., #* Chen, H.,# Chen, Z., & Yang, Y. (2021). Women’s intrasexual competition results in beautification. Social Psychological and Psychological Science, 12(5), 648-657. 

Wang, X.* & Krumhuber, E. G. (2017). The love of money results in objectification. British Journal of Social Psychology56, 354-372. 

Wang, X.* & Krumhuber, E. G. (2018). Mind perception of robots varies with their economic versus social function. Frontiers in Psychology9, 1230.

2) Immoral Behaviour, Aggression, and Self-Interested Behaviour

Teng, F., Shi, J., Wang, X.,* & Chen, Z. (2022). The Association between COVID-19-Related Wellbeing with Materialism and Perceived Threat. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health19(2), 912.

Wang, X.,* Chen, Z.,* Krumhuber, E. G., & Chen, H. (2021) Money and flexible generosity. British Journal of Social Psychology. 

Teng, F., Wang, X.,* Shi, J., Chen, Z., Huang, Q., & Cheng, W. (2021). Psychosomatic symptoms and neuroticism following CoViD-19: the role of online aggression toward a stigmatized group. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health18(16), 8672.

Wang, X.,* Krumhuber, E. G., & Gratch, J. (2018). The interpersonal effects of emotions in money versus candy games. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology79, 315-327. 

3) Inequality, Social Power, Social Dominance, and Hierarchy

Krumhuber, E. G., Wang, X., & Guinote, A. (2022) The Powerful Self: How Social Power and Gender Influence Face Perception. Current Psychology.

Chen, H.,# Wang, X.,#* Zang, H., & Chen, Z. (2021) Being a tough person in a tight world: cultural tightness leads to a desire for muscularity. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. 

Shi, J., Chen, Z., Wang, X., Yang, Y., & Chen, H. (2021) Dominate others, hurt self: Social dominance orientation predicts depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. Personality and Individual Differences. 

Wang, X.,* Chen, Z.,* & Krumhuber, E. G. (2020). Money: an integrated review and synthesis from a psychological perspective. Review of General Psychology, 24(2), 172-190.

Wang, X.,* Guinote, A., & Krumhuber, E. G. (2018). Dominance biases in the perception and memory for the faces of powerholders, with consequences for social inferences. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology78, 23-33.



Services outside CityU

Ad Hoc Reviewer

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology; Group Processes & Intergroup Relations; Applied Psychology: An International Review; European Journal of Social Psychology; Frontiers in Psychology; Cogent Psychology; Asian Journal of Social Psychology; Family Relations; Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health