Prof. WEN Xiewen (溫燮文)


Author IDs

Willing to take PhD students: yes

Research Interests/Areas

Intelligent Additive Manufacturing

Laser direct writing

Advanced Spectroscopy and Imaging



City University of Hong Kong, Dept. of MNE

Aug 2021 → present   Assistant Professor

Argonne National Laboratory

Mar 2019 → Aug 2021 Postdoc 


BS in Optics (Sun Yat-Sen University)

MS in ECE (Rice University)

PhD in Engineering (Rice University)

Brief introduction

Dr. Wen is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering of CityU. He got a PhD degree from Rice University under the supervision of Prof. Jun Lou and Prof. Pulickel Ajayan. and he did his postdoc in Argonne National Lab. He has co-authored more than thirty papers in prestigious journals such as Nature Materials, Nature Photonics, Nature communications, Science Advances, Advanced Materials, PNAS etc.

Slected publication:  

X. Wen, et. al. "3D Printed Silica with Nanoscale Resolution." Nature Materials. 1-7.(2021)

H. Tsai, …, X.Wen, … et al. “Bright and Stable Light Emitting Diodes Made with Perovskite Nanocrystals Stabilized in Metal-Organic Frameworks” Nature Photonics. 1-7 (2021)

X. Wen, et al. "Ghost imaging second harmonic generation microscopy." Applied Physics Letters 116.19 (2020): 191101.

J. Liang, …, X.Wen, … et al. "Perovskite‐Derivative Valleytronics." Advanced Materials 32.48 (2020): 2004111.

X. Wen, et al. "Ultrafast probes of electron–hole transitions between two atomic layers." Nature communications 9.1 (2018): 1-9.

Y. Wang, …, X.Wen, … et al. "Cryo-mediated exfoliation and fracturing of layered materials into 2D quantum dots." Science advances 3.12 (2017): e1701500.

Z. Yan, …, X.Wen, … et al. "Three-dimensional mesostructures as high-temperature growth templates, electronic cellular scaffolds, and self-propelled microrobots." PNAS, 114.45 (2017): E9455-E9464.

H. Chen#, X. Wen#, et al. "Ultrafast formation of interlayer hot excitons in atomically thin MoS 2/WS 2 heterostructures." Nature communications 7.1 (2016): 1-8.

X. Wen, et al. "Broadband THz reflective polarization rotator by multiple plasmon resonances." Optics Express 22.23 (2014): 28292-28300.