Prof. ZHANG Xiaoling (張晓玲)

B.B.A (Management,Shandong University), PhD (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

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Phone: +852 34422402

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Dr. Xiaoling Zhang joined City University of Hong Kong in the winter of 2012. Prior academic roles have been at the University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has written widely on sustainable urbanization and urban redevelopment in China, speculative real estate developers, land use planning/policy and gentrification. She has also engaged in environmental studies, particularly in micro-level management in real estate enterprises, competitiveness for real estate developers/home builders, their behavior/ actions in contributing to social responsibility/sustainable development, energy policy and renewable & sustainable energy use in built environment. She won the Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2011. In the past academic journey, she has published more than 40 journal papers and book chapters and is on the editorial boards of the journals, Facilities and International journal of construction management. She has also written a good number of refereed conference papers with several invited presentations in international conferences held in China, Korea, Singapore, Macau and Malaysia. She has just been invited to give a keynote speech in the 9th Summit Forum for China Green real estate development at Shenzhen, China. She is currently organizing and managing two special volume of “Journal of Cleaner Production “on “Toward a Regenerative Sustainability Paradigm for the Built Environment: from Vision to Reality” and “Transitions to Sustainable Consumption and Production within Cities”.

Xiaoling is currently working on a number of projects in relation to urban transformation in China from the following perspectives:

  • Land Expropriation Conflicts in Rural Areas
  • Urban villages and sustainable urbanization
  • Green housing and speculative real estate developer
  • Education-led and property developer-led gentrification
  • Eco-city and low carbon community in China

For more details of Xiaoling’s work, please refer to Google Scholar Citations

Research Interests/Areas

  • Housing and Urban studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Governance of Multi-owned Housing
  • Micro-level management in real estate enterprises
  • Competitiveness for real estate developers/home builders
  • Macro-level dynamics in urbanization, housing policy, urban land use planning, gentrification and urban redevelopment and the interactions between them
  • Facility Management


  • Contemporary issues on Housing management
  • Housing Economics and Finance
  • Housing and Urban Policy