Dr. LEE Wun Sze Sylvia (李蘊詩)


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BSc (Brigham Young University, Hawaii, USA)
MBA (University of California, Riverside, California, USA)
MA (University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii, USA)
Ph. D. (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)


Dr. Lee received her PhD in 2011 and return to the Art Museum and the Fine Arts Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Post‐doctoral Fellow in 2015. Prior to returning to the department she taught as a Research Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr. Lee specializes in the history of Chinese women painters and garden culture in the seventeenth century.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Painters and the art market in the Ming to early Qing dynasties (eighteenth century)
  • Women painters in the Ming and Qing dynasties
  • Garden culture in the Ming and Qing dynasties


  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Art Museum and the Department of Fine Arts, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Sponsored by the Bei Shan Tang Foundation, Hong Kong. January 2015–January 2017.
  • Visiting Fellowship at the Harvard Yenching Institute, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA. September 2009–January 2011.