Dr. TEOH Wey Yang (張謂揚)

PhD, The University of New South Wales.


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Dr. Wey Yang Teoh received his BE (Chemical Engineering, Hons. I) in 2003 and PhD in 2007, both from The University of New South Wales. Upon completing his PhD, he continued to serve as a Research Associate at the laboratory of Prof. Rose Amal at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Functional Nanomaterials, leading the flame spray pyrolysis program. In 2009, he was awarded the ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellow (APD), which he held until his appointment as Assistant Professor at the School of Energy and Environment, CityU

Research Interests/Areas

The designing of functional nanomaterials is central to Dr Teoh’s research activities. By understanding the basic characteristics of the nanomaterials, the targeted properties of the materials are obtainable by adopting a wide variety of synthesis and modification techniques. Importantly, a holistic view of the materials design in relevance to the fundamental chemistry of the targeted applications is implemented at all times.

  • Functional nanomaterials design and synthesis
  • Flame aerosol synthesis
  • Catalysis
    Energy and Environmental related catalysis: Preferential CO oxidation, CO methanation, NOx reduction (deNO x), oxidation of volatile organic carbons (VOCs)
  • Photocatalysis
    Environmental abatement (water and air), photocatalytic water splitting, modified metal photodeposition
  • Solar photovoltaic conversion
    Dye-sensitised solar cells, excitonic solar cells
  • CO2 capture and conversion
  • Environmental nanotoxicity and biocompatibility


Honours and Awards

  • PSA best paper award in Particulate System Analysis
  • CHEMECA Graeme Jameson Award in Particle Technology Workshop
  • International Fine Particles Research Institute (IFPRI) Reg Davies Award
  • Australian Postdoctoral Fellow, awarded by the Australia Research Council (ARC)
  • ARC Discovery Projects DP986398 and DP1097149
  • Editorial Board of Conference Papers in Materials Science (2012-present)
  • Co-Chair and main organizer of CECAM: Future Challenges in CO2 Reduction, Bremen, Germany (2012)
  • International Organizing Committee of Photocatalysis and Solar Energy Conversion (PASEC-2), Kyoto, Japan (2013)
  • Co-chair of Nanotechnology for Energy and Environment Symposium, International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN), Adelaide, Australia (2014)