Prof. DOU Wenyu (竇文宇)


  1. Service Leadership Initiative

    CHANDRA, Y., CHAN, J., CHENG, S. H., CHEUNG, C. Y., CHEUNG, W. L. R., CHONG, M. L. A., CHOW, O. W. E., DOU, W., EDESESS, M., ENG, B. C., FUNG, L. C. A., HAYLLAR, M. R., LEE, V. P. Y., LEUNG, Y. H. J., LI, K. W., LONDON, J. D., MONDEJAR, R., NG, S. H., VYAS, L., WAGNER, C., WONG, Y. C., YU, E., HIGGINS, P., WONG, J. & WONG, D. F.


    Project: Research

  2. Research Project on Assurance of Learning

    DOU, W.

    1/03/10 → …

    Project: Research

  3. The Effect of Sales Control System on Customer Response

    ZHOU, N., DOU, W. & WANG, G. W.


    Project: Research