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Dr. Timothy Bo Yuan Chen is currently an Assistant Professor at the City University of Hong Kong. He completed his PhD (Mechanical Engineering) in 2022 at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia. With his expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and molecular dynamics (MD), Dr. Chen has established himself as an expert in the fields of multiscale fire modelling, multiphase flows, and heat and mass transfer.

Dr. Chen's research focuses on the pyrolysis and combustion of bio-inspired flame-retarded polymer composites. He has developed in-house simulation fire codes that address various fire safety topics, including wildland fires, fire whirls, combustible cladding, and fire risk assessment. Additionally, his expertise extends to computational materials science, where he employs novel MD simulation techniques to investigate polymer thermal degradation, flame retardants, two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials, and other novel materials theories. Dr. Chen has actively contributed to 53 research publications with over 1600 citations.