Dr. LY Thuc Hue

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Phone: +852 34429329

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Willing to take PhD students: yes


Dr. Thuc Hue Ly (李淑惠) received her B.Sc. in Department of Chemical Engineering from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (2010), where she developed a strong passion for inorganic chemist. She then moved to Korea and obtained Ph.D. (2015) degree in the department of Energy Science from Sungkyunkwan University under the supervision of Prof. Young Hee Lee, where she was working on 2D materials. In 2015 -2017, she worked as a research fellow in Center for Integrated Nanostructure Physics, Institute for Basic Science. Recently she moved to the department of Applied Physics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University under Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme. She joined City University of Hong Kong in August 2017. Her current research interests include:

  1. Synthesis of 2D materials, nanomaterials

  2. Defects engineering of 2D materials, nanomaterials

  3. Design new electronic/optoelectronic devices by combining 2D materials and others

  4. Study energy and environmental science using 2D materials