Prof. HUANG Tao (黃韜)

SJD (Duke)
LLM (Harvard)
JM (Peking)
BE (Chaohu)

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34427636


Dr. HUANG Tao is an Assistant Professor at City University of Hong Kong. He has earned a B.Eng. in computer science from Chaohu University (2010), a J.M. from Peking University (2013), an LL.M. from Harvard University (2016), and an S.J.D. from Duke University (2021). Before embarking on the academic career, he’s been working for two years in the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice, where he reviewed the legality and feasibility of several government ordinances and regulations. Tao’s research interests lie primarily in constitutional law and cyberlaw, especially how constitutional law theories could respond and adapt to emerging information technologies. His works have been published by several law journals, including Columbia Human Rights Law Review and University of Cincinnati Law Review.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Cyber Law
  • Law and Technology