Dr. OH Sun Young (吳宣榮)


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    BA, MA (Sogang, Korea)
    PhD (UBC,Canada)


    Dr. Oh received her PhD in linguistics from the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada and MA (linguistics) and BA (sociology) from Sogang University, Korea. Before joining City University of Hong Kong in 2007, she was a research member at the Interdisciplinary Speech Research Lab (UBC), the Centre for Research on Language, Mind, and Brain (CRLMB, McGill), and post-doctoral fellow at the departments of Psychology and Linguistics at Université du Québec à Montréal. At City University of Hong Kong, she has served as a Coordinator of Korean Studies Programme and has been teaching Korean culture and linguistics courses. She was also a recipient of the 2011 Prime Minister’s Award by the Korea Government for her contribution to Korean Language Education in Hong Kong.


    • Korean language
    • Korean Culture
    • Korean Society

    Research Interests/Areas

    Discipline: Korean Studies

    • Language contact in East Asia
    • Interface between language & culture
    • Language education in Asia

    Current/Recent Research Projects

    • Comparative study of Sino-Korean and Chinese
    • Content-based learning for Chinese learners of Korean