Prof. LO Siu Ming (盧兆明)


  1. GRF: An IoT-Based Smart Fire Evacuation System for Hospitals and Elderly Homes

    LO, S. M., Huang, S., Liu, C., PAN, L. W. & SUN, J.

    1/01/21 → …

    Project: Research

  2. GRF: On the Development of a Smart Elevator Evacuation System

    LO, S. M., Chen, J., Ma, J. & PAN, L. W.

    1/01/20 → …

    Project: Research

  3. ITF: Tools for Assessing and Optimising Transit Network Design with an Application to Hong Kong LRT Network 

    CHOW, A., AU-YEUNG, C. Y. H., KIANG, K. Y., KOO, W., LAM, R. C., LO, S. M., TANG, E. W. & TSANG, M. Y.


    Project: Research

  4. TBRS: Safety, Reliability, and Disruption Management of High Speed Rail and Metro Systems

    XIE, M., BENSOUSSAN, A., LO, S. M., SHOU, B., SINGPURWALLA, N. D., TSE, W. T. P., TSUI, K. L., YU, Y., YUEN, K. K. R., CHAN, A. B., CHAN, N., CHIN, K. S., CHOW, H. A., Chow, W. K., EDESESS, M., GOLDSMAN, D. M., Huang, J., LEE, W. M., LI, L., LI, C. L., LING, M. H. A., LIU, S., MURAKAMI, J., NG, S. Y. S., NI, M. C., TAN, M. H., Wang, W., Wang, J., WONG, C. K., WONG, S. Y. Z., WONG, S. C., XU, Z., ZHANG, Z., Zhang, D., ZHAO, J. L. & Zhou, Q.


    Project: Research

  5. GRF: People Evacuation from Passenger Ships: Development of Computer Model

    LO, S. M., HORN, G. P. & LIU, S.


    Project: Research

  6. CRF: Syndromic Surveillance and Modeling for Infectious Diseases

    TSUI, K. L., CHAN, A. B., LO, S. M., TSE, W. T. P., WONG, S. Y., YUEN, K. K. R., CHAN, N., CHOW, C. B., GOLDSMAN, D. M., HO, P. L., LAI, T. S. T., LONGINI, I., WOODALL, W. H., WU, J. T. K. & Wu, J.


    Project: Research

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