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Prof. SM Lo is a professor of the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, City University of Hong Kong. He received his PhD in Architecture from the University of Hong Kong. His main research interests include spatial planning for pedestrian flow and evacuation, decision support system and fire safety engineering. He has been the Principal Investigator for many research grants including 13 Competitive Earmarked Research/ GRF Grants from the Research Grant Council of HKSAR for studying evacuation modeling, pedestrian flow modeling, fire risk analysis, decision support system, wayfinding modeling, intelligent understanding of CAD plans, human behavior in fire, effect of fire legislation on the society, large-scale evacuation modeling and disaster prevention, rail tunnel evacuation and etc. He is also a Co-PI for a Theme-based Research Project:Safety, Reliability, and Disruption Management of High Speed Rail and Metro Systems . He has published over 110 articles in SCI listed journals.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Spatial planning for pedestrian flow traffic and evacuation modeling
  • Urban planning and building development
  • Fire safety engineering


  • BC2013: Introduction to Urban Development and Architecture
  • BC3227: Introduction to Urban Planning
  • BC3227F: Introduction to Urban Planning
  • BC3629: Building and Fire Safety Control
  • BC3629F: Building and Fire Safety Control
  • BC3629P: Building and Fire Safety Control
  • BC4630: Building Design and Appraisal
  • BC4630F: Building Design and Appraisal
  • BC4650: Land and Planning Control
  • BC4650F: Land and Planning Control
  • BC4774: Fire Engineering Elective II
  • CA2130: Urban Culture and Landscaping
  • CA2134: Architectural History
  • CA2216: Real Estate Valuation
  • CA3172: Building and Land Use Control
  • CA3227: Introduction to Urban Planning
  • CA3629: Building and Fire Safety Control
  • CA4650: Land and Planning Control
  • CA5239: Building and Urban Conservation
  • CA5814: Real Estate Development
  • CA6105: Dissertation
  • CA6317: Legal Studies for the Built Environment
  • CA6317D: Legal Studies for the Built Environment
  • CA6318: Planning Practice, Law, and Ethics in Hong Kong
  • CA6319: Advanced Topics in Architectural Practice and Law
  • CA6604: Dissertation
  • CA6803: Dissertation
  • CA6806: Construction Research Paper
  • CA6809: Decision Analysis
  • CA6810: Construction Economics
  • CA6811: Contracts Management
  • CA6817: Strategic Management in Construction
  • CA6821: System Thinking for Real Estate Development
  • CA8016M: Research Paper for Real Estate and Built Environment
  • CA8017M: Research Seminar for Real Estate and Built Environment
  • CA8317D: Legal Studies for the Built Environment