Prof. CHEUNG Siu Gin (張肇堅)

PhD (HK)

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Phone: +852 34427749

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Dr. S. G. Cheung received his B. Sc. and Ph. D. from the University of Hong Kong. Currently he is the programme leader of the B. Sc. degree in Environmental Science and Management. His research interests include predator-prey interactions, effects of anthropogenic disturbance such as hypoxia, ocean acidification and microplastics on ecophysiology of marine invertebrates, and marine conservation. In collaboration with Dr. Paul Shin and the Ocean Park, he is actively participating in the research and education outreach projects on the conservation of horseshoe crabs in Hong Kong. He is a founding member of the Horseshoe Crab Species Specialist Group under the IUCN and currently a member of the working group on education under the Species Specialist Group.

Dr. Cheung has published more than 100 SCI papers and co-edited a book on the conservation of horseshoe crabs published by the Springer. In the past ten years he has secured over HK$4.0 million research funding in the capacity of Principal Investigator. His research findings on anti-predator responses in marine mussels have been reported in BBC Wildlife Magazine. He is co-ordinating editor of an international journal “Environmental Geochemistry and Health and serves as advisor in a number of government committees including The Advisory Committee of the Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund, The Endangered Species Advisory Committee, and The Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan: Marine Biodiversity Working Group.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Intertidal Ecology
  • Marine Molluscs
  • Marine Conservation
  • Ecotoxicology