Miss XIA Sichen (夏思宸)


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Miss XIA Sichen, Ada obtained her Bachelor’s degrees (English studies and Legal studies) and her Master’s degree (Applied linguistics) from Wuhan University, China. She also holds the Legal Professional Qualification Certificate awarded by Ministry of Justice of PRC. In her master dissertation, she studied how genre theories could be applied to the analysis of Chinese judicial documents in the context of Chinese legal system.

She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. degree in the fields of genre analysis and multimodality. Her Ph.D. research focuses on multimodal genre analysis of TED talk videos and aims to find out how multimodal and digital resources are manipulated in the popularization genre to facilitate the dissemination of scientific knowledge among online audience.

Her research interests include English for Specific Purposes, genre analysis, multimodality, scientific popularization and digital literacy.


Supervisory panel: Dr. Christoph Hafner (supervisor), Dr. Becky Kwan, Dr. Simon Harrison


Teaching at CityU: GE 1401 University English

                           GE2401 English for Science

                           Guest talk at EN3321 Public Speaking and Presentation in English 

                           SWCP program