Prof. CHENG Shuk Han (鄭淑嫻)


  1. Benthic and Epiphytic Toxic Algae (BETA): An Emerging Threat to Coral Ecosystems in Hong Kong Waters

    LAM, K. S. P., CHAN, L. L., CHENG, S. H., LEUNG, T. Y., MAK, Y. L., WAI, T. C., ANG, P. J., CHEN, Y. M., CHENG, J., LU, C. & LU, D.

    1/06/16 → …

    Project: Research

  2. Light-sheet Fluorescence Microscope

    CHENG, S. H.


    Project: Research

  3. Service Leadership Initiative

    CHANDRA, Y., CHAN, J., CHENG, S. H., CHEUNG, C. Y., CHEUNG, W. L. R., CHONG, M. L. A., CHOW, O. W. E., DOU, W., EDESESS, M., ENG, B. C., FUNG, L. C. A., HAYLLAR, M. R., LEE, V. P. Y., LEUNG, Y. H. J., LI, K. W., LONDON, J. D., MONDEJAR, R., NG, S. H., VYAS, L., WAGNER, C., WONG, Y. C., YU, E., HIGGINS, P., WONG, J. & WONG, D. F.


    Project: Research

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