Dr. LU Shiyu (盧施羽)

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Willing to take PhD students: yes


Dr Lu's research focuses on social determinants of healthy ageing, with a special emphasis on how environmental (e.g., neighbourhood physical and social environment) and social-behavioural factors (e.g., civic participation and volunteering) shape well-being, physical and mental health in later life.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Environmental gerontology
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Social Capital 
  • Mental Health
  • Social Impact Assessment 


Previous Experience

  • 2019-2021  Research Assistant Professor, Sau Po Centre on Ageing, The University of Hong Kong
  • 2018-2019  Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong


  • Principal Investigator. Healthy Ageing and Volunteerability among Older Adults. Funded by CityU New Start-up Grant.  Award amount: HK$ 296,800 (Award year: 2022; Status: ongoing)
  • Co-Investigator. Understanding the dynamic nature of the healthy aging framework: A real-time assessment of person-environment interaction using smartphone application and ecological momentary assessment. Funded by the Research Grants Council General Research Fund. Award amount: HK$ 946,656. (Award year: 2021/2022; Status: ongoing)
  • Principal Investigator. The effects of the Timebank Program on promoting voluntary participation among older adults. Funded by the Research Grants Council General Research FundAward amount: HK$944,672. (Award year: 2019/2020; duration: 26 months; status: ongoing)
  •  Co-Principal Investigator. E2Power: Engagement and empowerment of communities through social capital development. Funded by the Research Grants Council Research Impact Fund. Award amount: HK$ 7,000,000. (Award year: 2020/2021; duration: 4 years; status: ongoing)

Services in CityU

Administrative Assignment 

  • 2022 - Now, College Board, Member.
  • 2021 - Now, PhD Admission in the Department, Team Member. 

Services outside CityU

Professional Services: Journal Reviewer

  • The Gerontologist
  • Journals of Gerontology Series B — Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences
  • Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences
  • Aging & Mental Health
  • Journal of Gerontological Social Work
  • Journal of Aging and Environment

Community Services

  • Founder and Chair, Nanhai Society for Social Work Scholars and Students, China (2015–present)
  • Members, Social Value UK & Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analysts 



  • SS5111 Social Welfare Policy System and Reform
  • SS5302 Research Methods in Social Sciences
  • SS8804 Enhancing Social Science Competence


  • SS2709 Methods of Criminological Research