Prof. CHEN Sheng (陳声)



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Prof. Chen received his veterinary degree in 1997 and a Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine degree in 2000, both from the China Agriculture University. He completed his PhD in Food Microbiology at the University of Maryland, USA, in 2004, and his postdoctoral training in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at the Medical College of Wisconsin, USA, in 2009. Before joining City University of Hong Kong in 2019, he had spent 10 years working in the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor.

Prof. Chen participates in the Hong Kong government’s policy making through an ad-hoc working group on microbial guidelines for ready-to-eat food under the Department of Food and Environmental Hygiene of Hong Kong Government. He is also a member of the Shenzhen Expert Committee to help the Shenzhen government’s decision making on the development of biotechnologies. He has established and served as the Director of the Shenzhen Key Laboratory for Food Biological Safety Control before joining CityU.

Research Interests/Areas

Prof. Chen’s current research covers research on bacterial antimicrobial resistance, virulence and tolerance in the veterinary, food and medical microbiology fields. His research lies on the interface of clinical study and basic science using multi-disciplinary approaches including Genomics, Genetics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Chemical Biology with the ultimate goal of developing novel therapies to combat bacterial antimicrobial resistance