Dr. CHOPRA Shauhrat Singh

Activities and conferences


  1. 2021
  2. Frontiers in Psychology (Journal)

    Per Magnus LINDBORG (Area Editor), Shauhrat Singh CHOPRA (Area Editor) & Katharina Groß-Vogt (Area Editor)

    Mar 2021Jun 2022

    Activity: Publication peer-review and editorial work (RGC: 61)61_Journal editor

  3. 2020
  4. Guiding Environmental Sustainability of Emerging Waste-Derived Sophorolipid Production By Adopting a Dynamic Life Cycle Assessment (dLCA) Approach

    Xiaomeng HU (Speaker), Karpagam SUBRAMANIAN SENTHILKANNAN (Speaker) & Shauhrat Singh CHOPRA (Speaker)

    17 Dec 2020

    Activity: Talk/lecture or presentationPresentation

  5. Making smart and sustainable cities: an interdisciplinary dialogue on the infrastructure, governance, and behaviors

    Shauhrat Singh CHOPRA (Speaker) & Karpagam SUBRAMANIAN SENTHILKANNAN (Speaker)

    15 Dec 2020

    Activity: Talk/lecture or presentationTalk/lecture

  6. Blockchain-empowered Resilient and Sustainable Circular Economy

    Manoj Kumar NALLAPANENI (Speaker) & Shauhrat Singh CHOPRA (Speaker)

    9 Dec 2020

    Activity: Talk/lecture or presentationTalk/lecture

  7. Data Art for Climate Action

    Per Magnus LINDBORG (Chair), Katharina Groß-Vogt (Co-Chair), Christian SANDOR (Co-Chair), Ryo IKESHIRO (Co-Chair), Shauhrat Singh CHOPRA (Member of programme committee), RAY LC (Member of programme committee), Bo ZHENG (Facilitator), Richard Parncutt (Facilitator), Markus Reymann (Facilitator), Elke Evelin REINHUBER (Member of programme committee) & Tom Tsze (Member of programme committee)

    Jul 2020Jun 2022

    Activity: Participating in or organising a conference / an eventOrganizing an exhibition