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  1. LONE, Fozia Nazir

    Person: Associate Professor (Staff)

  2. LOU, Yang


  3. LU, Angel

    • Office of the Chief Information Officer - Implementing a UGC-funded CCGame project with joint universities and piloting gamification strategies such as awarding badges online for courses on the LMS. Assisting in the designing, development, and delivery of flipped classroom activities under a UGC-funded Flipped Classroom project. Developing VR field trips and piloting AR content creation. Conducting research and analyses to evaluate projects’ success. Researching the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in teaching and learning. Providing pedagogical and eLearning support to teachers by recommending appropriate eLearning tools/technologies as well as assistance for synchronous online teaching.
    • Department of Information Systems

    Person: Executive Officer II (Staff), Doctor of Philosophy (Student) (Student)