Prof. RAVI Sai Kishore

PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, NUS, Singapore

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Phone: +852 34426702

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Dr. Sai Kishore Ravi’s research aims to bridge materials science and bioscience in designing functional devices for clean energy and clean water technologies using biogenic, biohybrid, and bioinspired materials, blurring the line between “natural” and “artificial”.

Dr. Ravi earned his PhD from the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS), working on biohybrid energy conversion/storage devices. His doctoral research involved studying natural biological complexes in plants and bacteria from a materials science perspective and exploiting the light-harvesting and charge transport mechanisms in the natural systems for energy and optoelectronic applications. After graduation, he continued at NUS as a post-doctoral researcher, working on semi-artificial photosynthesis. As part of his PhD and post-doctoral research at NUS, Dr. Ravi designed semi-artificial device architectures for photovoltaics, photocapacitors, and tactile sensors. His works have been published in prestigious journals like Advanced MaterialsAdvanced Energy MaterialsAdvanced Functional MaterialsEnergy & Environmental Science, Nature Communications, and Science Advances, and also won NUS’s Annual Best Publication Awards in Material Science for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Dr. Ravi’s research experience extends to developing functional materials for air filtration, solar desalination, and atmospheric water harvesting. His work on the Nanofibrous Air Filter won the ‘Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2018’ awarded by the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES). The air filter has been patented (US 10,682,602 B2) and licensed to an Indian multinational company.

Dr. Ravi has also served as an Associate Editor for renowned journals like Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, Advanced Energy & Sustainability Research, Advanced Materials Technologies, and Energy Technology.


Professional Experience
Associate Editor, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, Germany    2019 – 2022
Research Fellow, NUS, Singapore    2018 – 2019

PhD Materials Science & Engineering, NUS, Singapore    2014 – 2018
B.E. Materials Science & Engineering, CEG, Anna University, India    2010 – 2014

Research Interests/Areas

  • Solar Fuels (semi-artificial photosynthesis, green hydrogen, photocatalytic/bio-catalytic CO2 reduction)
  • Water-Energy Nexus (light-mediated/bio-catalytic water treatment, wastewater-to-energy technologies, solar desalination)
  • Sustainable Biogenic Electronics (bio-capacitors, self-powered tactile sensors and e-skins)
  • Functional Nanofibers (air-filters, e-textiles, and personal thermal management)