Dr. LI Runsheng (李潤生)

BSa, PhD

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34427207

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Willing to take PhD students: yes


Dr. Li Runsheng is an Assistant Professor of Veterinary Physiology at the Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health since Jun 2020. He received his Veterinary Degree from Northwest A&F University (Yangling, China) in 2008, and PhD degree in Animal Physiology from the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Nanjing Agriculture University (Nanjing, China) in 2013. Prior to his current position, he worked as a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Hong Kong Baptist University. 

Dr. Li is dedicated to interdisciplinary research involving fields such as animal physiology, molecular evolutionary biology, genetics/genomics, and computer science. His recent research works mainly focused on the developing bioinformatic toolkits in the fields of genome assembly, genome finishing, mRNA isoform identification, and RNA modification finding by using long and noisy third-generation sequencing technology.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Developing applications/pipelines to accommodate the Nanopore DNA/RNA sequencing platform. 
  • Studying the nucleotide modifications in RNA virus of domestic animals.
  • Developing toolkits for genome finishing, improvement and comparative analysis. 
  • Evolution and inheritance of the mitochondrial genomes between inter/intra-species hybrids.