Prof. FAN Ruiping (范瑞平)

BM Baotou, MA CASS, PhD Rice

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34427488

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Research Interests/Areas

  • Bioethics and health care policy
  • Confucian ethics and politics
  • Comparative philosophy


Ruiping Fan holds a medical degree from Baotou College of Medicine in Baotou, a MA from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, and a PhD in philosophy from Rice University in Houston. Combining his biomedical background with a profound understanding of contemporary ethical and political philosophy, he offers innovative bioethical and philosophical perspectives that draw upon both Eastern and Western cultural traditions. Over the past two decades, he has played a pivotal role as one of the key initiators and organizers of the "Building Chinese Bioethics" workshop series, successfully completing 17 workshops. He is a founding editor of the International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine, a bilingual journal based in Hong Kong. He also serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Medicine & Philosophy in the United States and the Chinese Medical Ethics journal in mainland China. Ruiping Fan's extensive publications include over 200 journal articles and book chapters that are evenly distributed between the English and Chinese languages. Notable monographs authored by him include "Reconstructionist Confucianism: Rethinking Morality after the West" (2010) in English, "Contemporary Confucian Bioethics" (2011) in Chinese, and "Contemporary Medicine and Confucian Thought" (2023) in Chinese. He has also served as an editor or co-editor for 11 volumes, with six published in English and five in Chinese, focusing on topics related to bioethics and Confucian studies. Among his recent volumes are "Sex Robots: Social Impact and the Future of Human Relations" (Springer 2021) and "Incentives and Disincentives for Organ Donation: A Multicultural Study among Beijing, Chicago, Tehran and Hong Kong" (Springer 2023). Ruiping Fan's scholarly contributions have been recognized, as he is ranked among the top 2% of most-cited scientists in the metrics compiled by Stanford University.


  • Ethics and public policy
  • Social and political philosophy
  • Health care policy and ethics