Prof. HSU Sam H Y (徐先億)

Ph.D. in Center for Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Physical Chemistry, University of Florida, United States

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Phone: +852 34425412

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Willing to take PhD students: yes


Dr. Sam H. Y. Hsu obtained his PhD degree under supervision of Prof. Kirk S. SCHANZE at University of Florida with focusing on photophysical behaviors of functional metallopolymer materials for solar energy and optoelectronic applications. After that, he received the two-year postdoctoral and research associate’s appointments respectively with Prof. Allen J. BARD and Prof. Edward T. YU in Center for Electrochemistry as well as Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Texas at Austin. During the period of his postdoc and research associate, he completed many outstanding multidisciplinary projects. The area of his expertise stretches from material design to new related disciplines involving material characterization and diverse applications, such as solar fuels, organic and inorganic photovoltaic cells, wastewater treatment and food waste management.

Research Interests/Areas

• Energy engineering (solar fuels, photovoltaics and optoelectronic devices)

• Environmental engineering (wastewater treatment, food waste treatment)

• Material design (e.g. organometallics, alloy, bio-materials, nanomaterials, perovskites and metallopolymers)

• Photophysics, photochemistry, electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry


Dr. Sam H. Y. Hsu’s research interests involve the material design, synthesis, processing, imaging, spectroscopy and solar energy application, aiming to explore fundamental properties and interactions of organic and inorganic materials for developing efficient solar energy conversion processes. He has keen interests in photoinduced charge transfer processes, interfacial electron transfer, electrochemical hydrogen generation, and photoredox reactions for electricity generation, solar fuel production, wastewater treatment as well as food waste management. The investigations between material phenomena rely heavily on concepts of energy and environmental engineering, consisting of photophysics, electrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry by utilizing scanning photoelectrochemical microscopy (SECM) imaging, ultrafast transient absorption (TA), time-resolved photoluminescence spectra (TRPL) and so forth.


For Academics and Research

2010-2014   Graduate School Fellowship Award, University of Florida

2010-2011   Outstanding Teaching, University of Florida

2009-2009   Outstanding Research Quality Award for c-Si solar cell module project, Photovoltaics Technology Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute

2008-2008   Outstanding Research Quality Award for thin film solar cell project,    Photovoltaics Technology Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute

For Training and Teaching

08/2019       Outstanding Academic Performance Award (Ph.D. student, Rugeng LIU), City University of Hong Kong, 2019.

Editor or Editorial Membership

07/2018-present  Honorary Editor, Open Access Journal of Environmental and Soil Sciences

07/2018-present  Associate Editor, Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Open Access

07/2018-present  Associate Editor, Modern Concepts in Material Science

03/2018-present  Editorial board member, Archives of Oil and Gas Research

09/2017-present  Editorial board member, Advances in Industrial Biotechnology

05/2017-present  Editorial board member, Journal of Atmospheric & Earth Sciences