Dr. LEE Po Lun Peppina (李寶倫)


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Dr. Peppina LEE received her PhD in Linguistics from the City University of Hong Kong in 2004, with her PhD dissertation having won two outstanding thesis awards. Before joining CityU in August 2006, she was Associate Professor in the Macao Polytechnic Institute (2003-2006). Dr. Lee specializes in theoretical linguistics, semantics, syntax-semantics interface, Chinese and Cantonese linguistics, and she has worked on a variety of research topics, including focus and information structure, negation, eventuality, quantification and particles. She has completed four projects as Principal Investigator, and two projects are on-going. She has published or co-edited three books, including Focus Manifestation in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese: A Comparative Perspective (published by Routledge, 2019) and Cantonese Particles and Affixal Quantification (published by Springer, 2012), and more than fifty research papers in refereed journals, edited books and conference proceedings. Her major publications appeared in Lingua, Linguistics, Journal of Pragmatics, Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and the Human Sciences, ZhongguoYuwen (Studies of the Chinese Language), Dangdai Yuyanxue (Contemporary Linguistics), Yuyan Yanjiu (Studies in Language and Linguistics), Chinese Teaching in the World (Shijie Hanyu Jiaoxue), Chinese Linguistics (Hanyu Xuebao,) and Yuyan Kexue (Linguistic Sciences).

Her service to the field includes serving as the Editorial Board member of Journal of Linguistics, refereeing for conferences and for various journals such as Syntax, Lingua, Journal of Linguistics, Linguistics, Journal of East Asian Linguistics, Linguistics and the Human Sciences, Studies in Chinese Linguistics and Contemporary Linguistics. She was elected to the Executive Committee of the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong and served as the Secretary for 4 years (2008-2011),  as the Vice President for two years (2012-2013), and as the President for two years (2020-2021). For the International Association of Chinese Linguistics, she has served as the Vice Executive Secretary of the Association for six years (2016-2022) and is currently as the Executive Secretary (2022-).

Research Interests/Areas

  • Theoretical linguistics
  • Semantics
  • Syntax-semantics Interface
  • Chinese and Cantonese Linguistics


  • Semantics
  • Syntax
  • Cantonese linguistics
  • Chinese linguistics
  • Contrastive grammar between Chinese and English