Dr. Kelvin Pun Po Leung is currently working as CTO at Compass Technology Co. Ltd., a lead supplier of high density interconnect substrate and assembly for electronic IC packaging, He has over 19 years of experience in electronics IC packaging where he was mainly engaged in the new product development and reliability engineering. He has extensive hands on experience in flexible substrate design, manufacturing, and failure analysis. His main research interests are focusing on advanced electronic packaging technology including flip chip, TSV and 3D packaging, nanomaterials and reliability of interconnect materials, including microstructure characterization, elemental diffusion and segregation, efforts are made to understand the reliability of interconnects under thermal, mechanical, and electrical fields. He received the Gold Medal at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva and won the best paper award on lead free solder joint reliability at 2009 ICEPT, organized by IEEE and CPMT. He has been authored over 20 papers in conference and peer reviewed journals and has issued and pending 7 US patents. He has presented and given keynote speeches at numerous conferences and technical symposiums related to electronics IC packaging and materials. Dr. Pun holds BE and MSc and received his doctoral degree from City University of Hong Kong.