Dr. KHIATANI Paul Vinod

Activities and conferences


  1. 2019
  2. 2018
  3. University of Sydney

    Paul Vinod KHIATANI (Visiting researcher)
    1 May 20181 Jul 2018

    Activity: Visiting an external institutionVisiting an external academic institution

  4. 2017
  5. Students Leading the "Service-Learning Dance": A Case Study of the Volunteer Ambassador (VA) Scheme in the City-Youth Empowerment Project (CYEP)

    Ka Lun Yip (Speaker), Paul Vinod KHIATANI (Speaker), Man Yin Law (Speaker)
    31 May 2017

    Activity: Talk/lecture or presentationPresentation

  6. The Asian Experience of International Service Learning: Three Case Studies from City-Youth Empowerment Project

    Ho Ying FUNG (Speaker), Paul Vinod KHIATANI (Speaker), Ka Chun Lai (Speaker), Po Yi Chan (Speaker), Chak Lam LEE (Speaker), Wing Tung Yau (Speaker), Ka Kei Liu (Speaker)
    31 May 2017

    Activity: Talk/lecture or presentationTalk/lecture

  7. 2016
  8. "Transforming moments": A mixed-methods study of the social implications of Occupy Central Movement for university students in Hong Kong

    Paul Vinod KHIATANI (Speaker), Ka Kei Liu (Speaker), Heep Ching Minnie SHE (Speaker), Oriana Ho (Speaker)
    16 Jun 2016

    Activity: Talk/lecture or presentationPresentation