Prof. WONG Pat Lam Patrick (黃柏林)

BSc-MechE(CityULondon), PhD(HKU)

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34428427

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Research Interests/Areas

Main Research Activities

  1. Tribology

    • Actively involved in Tribology research for over two decades.
    • Developed an efficient and robust technique for the measurement of a wide lubricating film thickness range from micro to nanometers.
    • Currently studying on lubrication system with film thickness ranging from micro to nano scales.
  2. Rolling element bearings

    • Life of rolling ball bearings in contaminated conditions through tailored experiment, microscopy and finite-element modeling.
    • New lubrication mechanism for bearings running under zero entrainment condition.
  3. Interfacial slippage

    • Successfully developed a novel lubrication means to facilitate effective lubrication of parallel faces – a common feature in micro/nano systems based on the principle of interfacial slippage between the fluid and solid surfaces.