Dr. Nick H K OR (柯衍健)

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Nick Or is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Policy. Prior to that, Nick was a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton and a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Exeter.

Nick’s research interests lie in the field of public policy, comparative politics and authoritarian regimes by drawing insights from behavioural and complexity sciences, using quantitative techniques and experimental methods. One main theme of his research examines the effects of regime transition and globalisation on policy agendas – how policymakers allocate their attention to various policy issues such as the economy, health and education. He is also interested in studying how individuals and organisations process policy-related information as well as Hong Kong Politics. His works are published in Public Administration and Policy Studies Journal.

Nick received his PhD in Politics from the University of Southampton. He is also a graduate of POL’s longstanding and flagship graduate programme Master of Arts in Public Policy and Management (MAPPM). Prior to that, Nick obtained BSc in Physics from the University of Hong Kong. He also spent six years in the financial sector.


 Research Interests/Areas

• Policy agendas and processes
• Authoritarian regimes
• Globalisation
• Theory of information processing
• Hong Kong Politics


• Policy processes and analysis
• Behavioural public policy
• Quantitative methods