Prof. FARID Muhammad Usman

PhD, City University of Hong Kong

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Dr. Farid received his Ph.D. degree from City University of Hong Kong and currently working as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Energy and Environment at CityU. His research is focused on developing sustainable water desalination and treatment systems with minimum carbon footprint and energy cost via the design and application of advanced technologies, functional materials, and innovative system designs. He has published over 22 research and review articles on emerging technologies such as nano-enabled membranes, photothermal membrane distillation, nanobubbles, and hybrid systems.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Membranes separation processes for water desalination and wastewater treatment applications
  • Nano-enabled membrane fabrication and characterization
  • Photothermal membrane distillation
  • Green hydrogen generation and COreduction
  • Application of nanobubble technology in membrane separation processes
  • Monitoring and control of fouling and scaling in membrane-based processes
  • Adsorptive filtration for metal ions removal
  • Microplastic detection and removal in marine environment


Research Project Grants (PI/Co-I)

  • Nanobubble-assisted forward osmosis system for aquaculture wastewater treatment and reuse (2021) (PACRD- HKMU Research Grant Council), Status: ApprovedRole: Lead PI (Approved funding ~HK$ 200,000)
  • Nanobubble floatation technology for microplastics removal from sewage effluents (2021). Environmental Conservation Fund, Hong Kong Government, Status: ApprovedRole: Co-I (Approved funding ~HK $500,000)

Editor or Editorial Membership

Editorial Contribution

Guest Editor: Sustainability (MDPI); Special Issue: Innovative Nanotechnology-Based Solutions for Sustainable Water and Wastewater Treatment


  • Recipient of Global Talent Award (Home Affairs, Government of Australia)
  • Hong Kong PhD. Fellowship (2016; Hong Kong Government)
  • Outstanding Academic Performance Award (2016/17; City University of Hong Kong)
  • Chinese Government Scholarship for Master’s Degree Program
  • Higher Education Commission (HEC) Award for PhD Studies Abroad (2019; HEC Pakistan)
  • Gold Medal for excellent academic record in Bachelor’s Degree (2013; Comsats University)