Dr. LAM Miu Ling (林妙玲)


  1. Research on Relationship between Energy Policy and Nuclear Power Plant Construction

    HU, A., CHIENG, C., LAM, M. L., LUK, B. L. & WANG, B. H.

    1/02/18 → …

    Project: ResearchAPRC

  2. Automultiscopic Light Field Display

    LAM, M. L.

    1/10/17 → …

    Project: ResearchSRG-Fd

  3. VR Story Lab

    YU, K. H. A. & LAM, M. L.

    1/05/17 → …

    Project: ResearchTDG(CityU)

  4. Development of Projection-based 3D Displays

    LAM, M. L.

    1/12/15 → …

    Project: ResearchMF_EXT

  5. Natural User Interface based on 3D Fog Display

    LAM, M. L., CHEN, B. & HUANG, Y.


    Project: ResearchITF

  6. Immaterial 3D Displays

    LAM, M. L.


    Project: ResearchSRG-Fd

  7. Creative Display Technologies

    LAM, M. L.


    Project: ResearchStUp

  8. 3D Fog Screen

    LAM, M. L.


    Project: ResearchARG

  9. Visualize Beautiful Acoustics

    LAM, M. L.


    Project: ResearchTLF

  10. Cymatics: A Journey to Explore the Science and Art of Sound

    LAM, M. L.


    Project: ResearchTLF

  11. Croucher Start-up Allowance for Dr Lam Miu Ling

    LAM, M. L.

    7/03/13 → …

    Project: ResearchCROU

  12. Wearable Technology: the Next Level Fashion and Design

    LAM, M. L.


    Project: ResearchTSG(CityU)

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