Dr. NI Meng Cheng (倪孟正)

Ph.D. (UC Davis), MS. (UC Berkeley); Master of City Planning (UC Berkeley); BS. (National Taiwan University)    


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Dr. Jason Ni is currently Assistant Professor of City University of Hong Kong. Dr. Ni holds dual Master degrees in Transportation Engineering and City Planning from University of California at Berkeley (2003), and a Ph.D. degree in Transportation Technology and Policy from University of California at Davis (2008). Jason is originally from Taiwan. Before his graduate study in the U.S., he obtained a bachelor degree from Department of Civil Engineering of National Taiwan University (1998). Dr. Ni has various professional experiences. He was a lead person of THI Consultants Macau Office and is involved with different projects in Macau, including: Long-range (2010-2020) Comprehensive Transportation Policy Study (Macau Dept. of Transportation/DSAT); Study on Bus Service and Operation Optimization (Macau Dept. of Transportation/DSAT); Policy Study for End-of-Life Vehicle (Macau Dept. of Environmental Protection/DSPA); Transportation Planning for New Land Reclamation Zones (Macau Dept. of City Planning); Study on Tourism Signage/Way-finding Optimization (Macau Dept. of Tourism/DST). Before relocating to Asia, Dr. Ni was a Transportation Planner/Engineer at Parsons Brinckerhoff, USA (2007~2010), and he worked with Metropolitan Transportation Commission (2003), City of San Leandro (2004), and Dowling Associates, Inc. (2005). He also worked as Graduate Student Researcher at University of California Transportation Center (UC Berkeley, 2001 ~ 2003); Institute of Urban and Regional Development (UC Berkeley, 2003), and Institute of Transportation Studies (UC Davis, 2004 ~2007). Jason's expertise includes transportation demand modeling (TransCAD, TP+), traffic impact studies, and traffic operation (Synchro). In terms of research, he did a comparative study of Smart Card ticketing programs between City of Taipei and San Francisco Bay Area. He is also involved in the Hydrogen Pathway Program at UC Davis. His dissertation is about the Motorization and Vehicle Purchase Behavior in China, and so far he has published more than 25 academic reports and journal papers. In terms of contribution on the professional society, Dr. Ni is the leader of Young Professional Group of Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia (REAAA). Jason has also served as the President of International Chinese Transportation Professionals Association (ICTPA), Northern California Chapter from 2008 to 2010, and he is still on the Board of ICTPA. In school, Jason has served as President of Berkeley Association of Taiwanese Students (2002, 2003).


  • CA3707: Transportation Modelling
  • CA5146: Quantitative Method and Analysis for Planning
  • CA5240: Urban Design and Regional Planning History, Theory and Practice
  • GE2251: Survey in Daily Life: Engineering, Business, and Political Applications
  • GE2252: Transport and Development

Research Interests/Areas

  • Transportation planning and policy
  • Transportation and energy
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Transportation survey methodology
  • Choice model and travel behavior
  • Integrated transportation modeling
  • Cross-regional transportation and mega infrastructure development