Prof. Mei-yung LEUNG (梁美容)


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Phone: +852 34427142

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Dr. Leung has more than twenty-five years of practical/teaching experience in the construction industry/education and has participated in a number of prestigious construction projects in Hong Kong.  She has attracted over HK$ 24.5 million for various research projects, including 13 Competitive Earmarked Research, GRF, ITF and NSFC grants from the Research Grants Council of HKSAR or the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and published over 200 refereed publications in international journals and conferences.  Research studies cover various construction engineering management areas, including value management, stress management, and facilities management.  Some of the studies have been published a book with the title of ‘Stress management in the construction industry’.  She has received a number of international awards, including Tony Toy Memorial Award issued by the HKIVM, Thomas D. Snodgrass Value Teaching Award issued by the SAVE international in the USA, Academic Excellence Awards issued by the Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors, Academia Best Paper Award issued by the Miles Value Foundation in the USA, Jimmie Hinze Award by the CIB, Teaching Excellence Award issued by the CityU, etc.  Dr. Leung is also a senior Fulbright Scholar at the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Southern California in the USA in 2014-15.


  • BC1013: Introduction to Urban Development and Architecture
  • BC3212: Building Measurement and Economics
  • BC3454: Introduction to Facilities Management
  • BC4415: Value Management
  • BC4453: Facilities Management
  • CA3212: Building Measurement and Economics
  • CA3230: Property Valuation and Interest Theory
  • CA3454: Introduction to Facilities Management
  • CA3456: Property and Facility Management
  • CA3686: Construction Contract and Management
  • CA4415: Value Management
  • CA6120: Value Management for Construction
  • GE1306: Urban Development and Construction - From the Past to the Future

Research Interests/Areas

Environmental Gerontology, Facilities Management, Stress Management, Value Management

Services in CityU

University level

2021                      :  Speaker, Women in Science and Technology Seminar Series, organized by the Office of the Provost, 4th Feb 2021.

2020                      :  Project Exhibition – Elderly Home Instant Indoor Environment Wireless Monitoring System (one of the projects representing CityU), Virtual InnoCarnival 2020, Innovation and Technology Commission, organized by the Knowledge Transfer Office, 23-31 Dec 2020.

2011      – 2015      :  Members, Quality Assurance Committee, Office of the Provost.

2013                      :  Invited Facilitator, Finding Peace through Mindfulness, Mental Health Week 2013, Mental Health Ambassador Training Program, Student Development Services, 27 Feb 2013.

2012      – 2014      :  Members, GE (Discovery-enriched Curriculum) Working Group, Gateway Education Program Committee.

Summer 2011        :  Supervisor of summer students, Internship Program for Exchange Students at overseas RLB offices (United Kingdom and New Zealand).

2011                      :  Panel Committee, Interdisciplinary Professional Development Awards, Office of the Provost.

2009      – 2010      :  Selection Panel Member, Teaching Excellence Awards.

2009      – 2012      :  Developed a new course (Introduction to Urban Planning) for General Education.

2007                      :  Invited speaker, ‘Developing Reflective Professional Practice’ seminar in the Strategic Teaching Enhancement Programme (STEP), Education Development Office.

2007                      :  Speaker, Teachers Update Course – One-day Training Camp: Applications in Engineering Surveying, Education Development Office.

2003                      :  Invited assessor of facilitators, Preparation Program of Learning to Learn, Education Development Office.


College level

2021      – 2023      :  Member, Urban Research Group, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

2022      – 2023      :  Departmental Coordinator, College Study Tour Summer.

2021      – present  :  Member, One Health (Psychosocial), College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

2020      – present  :  Faculty Mentor, Grand Challenges Scholars Program, College of Engineering

2018                      :  Interviewer, JUPAS School Principal’s Nominations 2018

2012      – present  :  Academic advisor for freshmen.

2002      – present  :  Supervisor of Summer Students, Industrial Attachment Scheme.

2007      – 2010      :  Departmental representative, Student Orientation, College of Science and Engineering.

2006      – 2012      :  Nominated representative of the Department, Foundation Year Program Committee. College of Science and Engineering

2004                      :  Departmental representative for the Briefing Session for New Secondary Education Development.


Departmental level

2021      – 2023      :  Departmental Coordinator, Study Tour Summer 2022, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

2017      – present  :  Minor Program Leader, Surveying, Dept of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

2015      – present  :  Student Mentor Coordinator, Dept of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

2013      – present  :  Research Education Committee, Dept of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

2012      – 2014      :  Library Liaison Officers, Dept of Civil and Architectural Engineering.

2012      – 2013      :  Supervisor, Surveying Study Tour in Spain, Quality Campus Life Fund and Student Development Services.

2012      – present  :  Academic advisor for freshmen, College of Science and Engineering.

2010      – 2011      :  Supervisor, Surveying Study Tour in Sydney, Quality Campus Life Fund (HK$ 60,000).

2007      – 2013      :  Year Tutor, BSc(Hons) in Surveying programme (year 2 / year3).

2007      – present  :  Personal Tutor, Industry Mentoring Scheme (Surveying), Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering.

2007      – 2011      :  Extending an undergraduate course to theMSc in Construction Management program (Value Management for Construction).

2007      – 2010      :  Departmental representative, Student Orientation, College of Science and Engineering.

2006      – 2012      :  Foundation course coordinator.

2006      – 2011      :  Associate Programme Leader, BSc(Hons) in Surveying.

2006                      :  Speaker, Teachers Update Course – Applications in Engineering Surveying: Quantity Surveying Studio, Education Development Office.

2003      – 2007      :  Departmental coordinator of Supplemental Instruction Scheme for construction students.

2002      – 2004      :  Developed a new course (Value Management) for BSc(Hons) in CEM/BS/QS programmes; and  arranged recognition for the new Value management course from the ‘SAVE International: The Value Society’ in U.S.A.

2002      – present  :  Supervisor of Summer Students in the Industrial Attachment Scheme.

Summer 2001        :  Coordinator of Student Exchange Program to the Three Gorges Project between the CityU and the WuhanU.

1999      – 2003      :  Year Tutor of the 2nd year BSc in Quantity Surveying students.

1999      – 2010      :  Coordinator of Student Orientation for the Department of Building and Construction.

1999      – present  :  Interviewer for Student Admissions for the degree of BSc(Hons) in CEM, BS /QS /Surveying, and the Master degrees of MSc in Construction Manag’t.

1999      – present  :  Programme Committee and Course Examiner for the degrees of BSc(Hons) in CEM, BS, QS, and Surveying.