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Professor Matthew Manning is a crime scientist with a focus on future crime. He has worked within the fields of criminology and economics for two decades. His current research focusses on how new technologies can be exploited by criminals to undertake money laundering, terrorism financing and fraud. Further, his empirical research evaluates strategies that can be employed by criminal justice actors to respond to these new and complex crimes. As a future crime scholar, he is committed to advancing knowledge about: (1) how individuals commit future crimes; (2) the processes that can be adopted to make committing future crimes more difficult, riskier and less rewarding; and (3) the tools that assist government and industry in making strategic economic decisions that create efficiency and enhance return on investment. He has more than 150 publications within the fields of criminology, economics and public policy and has developed several economic tools that are beginning to incorporate machine learning algorithms. The cost benefit tools are currently hosted and used by a number of government agencies such as the College of Policing U.K ( He has also developed online economic apps to assist criminal justice actors in developing the economic evidence to make informed policy decisions (