Prof. WONG Mark Lawrence (黃怡發)

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Phone: +852 34428746

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Willing to take PhD students: yes


I am a registered clinical psychologist in Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom with my PhD training completed in the University of Hong Kong. My research and clinical interests are mostly concerned with the effects and mechanisms of sleep and circadian rhythm on daytime functions, including mental health wellbeing, social-cognitive-affective functions and behavioural outcomes. I primarily work with young people and focus on issues affecting youth wellbeing, including adjustment with life changes, identity and diversity, body image and self-evaluation, and neurocognitive development.

I conduct experimental and longitudinal observational studies to assess the directional relationship between sleep and circadian rhythm with daytime functions and wellbeing issues. My recent projects looked into the factors (e.g. healthy sleep pattern, exercise and physical activity, body image concern, sexual diversity) affecting healthy cognitive and emotional development in youth.

Research Interests/Areas

Sleep, Circadian rhythm, Youth mental health, Diversity and wellbeing, Body image and self-evaluation, Neurocognitive functions


Registered Clinical Psychologist

  • Australia - AHPRA (PSY0002199013)
  • HKPS - DCP (2017-715)
  • UK - HPCP (PYL039115)


  • 2020: Young Scientist Abstract Award - 25th Congress of European Sleep Research Society
  • 2016: Certified Expert Somnologist - European Sleep Research Society
  • 2014: Young Scientist Award - Hong Kong Psychological Annual conference