Prof. WONG Man Hon Alex (王文瀚)

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Phone: +852 34429079

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Willing to take PhD students: yes
Willing to talk to media: yes


Alex M. H. Wong is an Assistant Professor in applied electromagnetics, in the department of Electronic Engineering at the City University of Hong Kong. He is also a member of the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves (partner Laboratory at City University of Hong Kong). He obtained his doctoral degree (Ph.D. 2014) in Electrical Engineering, then served briefly as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada. He has advanced multiple projects on superoscillation-based imaging, “smart train” radar, and next-generation RF, infrared and optical metasurfaces. His current research lies broadly in the areas of metasurfaces, metamaterials and super-resolution systems. He has received several accolades which include an IEEE RWP King Award (for the best annual publication by a young author in the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation), an URSI Young Scientist Award, a Raj Mittra Grant, IEEE doctoral research awards from the AP and MTT societies and the national NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship. He is a member of the IEEE (AP and MTT Societies).