Dr. CATEDRAL Lydia Hwa-Che Medill

Position(s) Available

Opening for an incoming PhD student

Dr. Lydia CATEDRAL has an open position for a PhD student to study under her supervision in the Department of Linguistics and Translation at the City University of Hong Kong. The position is in the area of discourse analysis/sociolinguistics with a more specific focus on at least one of the following areas: discourse and politics (especially the politics of migration); language, power, marginality and social justice; chronotopic or scalar approaches to discourse more generally. Qualified applicants may have an MA or BA in a number of related fields, including Linguistics, Anthropology, English, Sociology or Political Science. Students who have language abilities in Tagalog and/or Cantonese and/or familiarity with the situation of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong will be given extra consideration.

Due to City University admission criteria, applicants who meet the following criteria will be prioritised: 

  • Those who come from undergraduate institutions, which are ranked among top 100 universities worldwide according to QS, THES, ARWU and US News ranking systems
  • Those (from Mainland China) whose undergraduate institutions areC9 league, Double First Class, or 211.
  • Those who have received first class honours for their undergraduate degree. 

The incoming student would begin their studies at City University in January 2023. Successful applicants would receive supervision on their own research projects and also be invited to collaborate with Dr. Catedral on her projects related the discourses of migrant domestic worker-led organisations in Hong Kong. Interested students should email Dr. Lydia CATEDRAL at lcatedra@cityu.edu.hk for more information and should submit their applications to the Department of Linguistics and Translation at City University of Hong Kong by 30 June 2022. 




Research consultant / Postdoc position 

Description of position: This is a part-time (8-10 hours per week) research position to work on a project which compares discourses on migrant domestic workers (MDWs) across the various institutions and stakeholders involved in monitoring, legislating and conducting domestic work. The goal of the project is to investigate the differing conceptualisations that these organisations and institutions have of domestic work(ers) through a focus on the language; to disseminate the findings in academic venues; and to use the findings to further dialog among the various stakeholders. More specifically, the project will use ethnographically situated discourse analytic and corpus methods to analyse texts produced by the various bodies of UN, the Hong Kong Government, the Philippine government, employment agencies and the migrant-led, grassroots organisations in Hong Kong in relation to domestic work(ers) during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The successful applicant will (1) assist in data collection and analysis (including finding, organising, and analysing institutional texts, setting up and conducting interviews, and assisting in the management of undergraduate research assistants); (2) co-author an academic paper for submission to a peer-reviewed policy or communication journal and (3) assist with the initial drafting of materials for public engagement. This position is for the duration of one year from June 2022 - June 2023.

Interested applicants should send their CV and a cover letter to the Principal Investigator, Dr. Lydia Catedral at lcatedra@cityu.edu.hk by 10 May with the subject line ECS Postdoc/Research Assistant Position. 


  • Co-authoring a paper for submission to a policy or communication journal 
  • Leveraging networks and previous knowledge of the institutions governing migrant domestic work to assist with data collection and setting up/conducting interviews
  • Assisting in the analysis of data from discursive and policy perspectives
  • Helping to train and manage undergraduate research assistants in basic data collection and data analysis methods
  • Assist with drafting materials for public engagement and dissemination 


  • MA or PhD in a field in the social sciences
  • Previous research experience in either discourse analysis/sociolinguistics OR in public policy or politics related to migration
  • Academic writing ability in English
  • Experience working with migrant domestic worker-led organisations or with NGOs advocating and supporting migrant workers in Hong Kong 
  • Language skills in either Tagalog or Cantonese