Mr. Lonnie CHEUNG (張少雄)



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    Having worked in the Building Services top consultancy firms for fifteen years, my professional expertise in Piped Services (major) and Fire Services were recognized in the industry.

    I transfer my professional knowledge together with my strong academic background truly in Building Services discipline in teaching for almost eighteen years starting in 1994. I also continuously expose myself in an advisor role in professional institutions in The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, The Former Institute of Plumbing (Hong Kong Branch), and The Hong Kong Institute of Plumbing and Drainage.

    I also acted as a consultant in the University External agent to serve the Public. Involvement covers many consultancy works for the Hong Kong Housing Authority, The Airport Authority, Lawyer firm , front line consultancy firm and private sectors in expert studies and reports.

    Beside the university teaching duty, I also donate my professional knowledge in teaching young staff about pipe services for the Hong Kong Housing Authority, Architectural Services department, Former MTR, and self-financed degree programme.

    Research Interests/Areas

    • Piped Services Systems Design (including Gaseous fuel)
    • Piped Services Systems Troubling Shooting
    • Facilitates Management and Intelligent Building design and management planning
    • Building Services Project Management
    • Fire Services Systems Design (Wet systems)
    • Piped Systems Testing and Commissioning