Dr. TSUI Lik Hang (徐力恆)

B.A. with Outstanding Graduate Award (Peking University), D.Phil. (University of Oxford)


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Lik Hang TSUI is Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese and History of the City University of Hong Kong. He holds a bachelor’s degree in History from Peking University and a doctoral degree in Oriental Studies from the University of Oxford. Before joining CityU he worked as a Departmental Lecturer at the University of Oxford and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University with the China Biographical Database (CBDB). He has also held visiting appointments and fellowships at Academia Sinica, Peking University, and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. He specializes in middle period Chinese history and culture, as well as the digital humanities. He is currently writing a book on Song dynasty epistolary culture and planning another one on digital humanities in China. His research has been funded by various fellowships and grants, and he is the recipient of the New Researcher Award in 2020 in his College in CityU.

徐力恆,現任香港城市大學中文及歷史學系助理教授。徐力恆畢業於北京大學和牛津大學,獲歷史學學士、東方研究哲學博士。他加入城大任教前,曾於牛津大學擔任講師,亦曾任哈佛大學博士後研究員,參與「中國歷代人物傳記資料庫」(CBDB)計劃。徐力恆曾赴中央研究院、北京大學和德國Max Planck科學史研究所訪問研究。他的研究方向主要包括唐宋史和數碼人文,正在完成一部研究宋代書信文化的著作,同時籌劃另一部關於中國數碼人文的專書。他的研究曾獲不同研究基金資助,並獲得城大人文社會科學院的2020年新晉研究學者獎。



  • Elected Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Associate Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK (aka Advance HE)

Previous experience:

Research Interests/Areas

  • Middle Period China
  • Digital Humanities
  • Literati Culture of China
  • Epistolary Culture
  • Urban History
  • 唐宋史
  • 數碼人文(數位人文、數字人文)
  • 士人文化
  • 書信文化
  • 中國城市史

Editor or Editorial Membership


  • 香港城市大學人文社會科學院知識轉移優秀獎狀(2020/21)
  • 香港城市大學人文社會科學院新晉研究學者獎(2020)
  • 《零壹Lab》獲2019數位人文大獎 - 最佳數位人文相關部落格文章或系列貼文第二名
  • 國際亞洲研究學者大會(ICAS)博士論文榮譽(2017)
  • 深圳大學城圖書館數字人文學術研究計劃
  • 蔣經國國際學術交流基金會博士論文獎助
  • 中央研究院歷史語言研究所博士候選人培育
  • 羅德獎學金
  • 北京大學優秀畢業生


Undergraduate level:

  • Ancient Chinese History 2/Imperial China
  • Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy (中國文化-歷史與哲學)[GE Course]
  • Readings in Chinese History (史學名著)/Great Works in Chinese History
  • Searching for Cultural Identity/Global Networks and Cultural Identity
  • Cultural Exchange in Global Context

Advisor of undergraduate final year projects

Postgraduate level: 

  • Research Methods for Chinese Studies

Previously taught/co-taught courses:

  • Premodern East Asia
  • Chinese History and Civilization
  • Digital Humanities Skills and Methods
  • City and Environment in Chinese History
  • Dunhuang and the Silk Road
  • Classical Chinese Texts (various levels)

Emergency remote teaching in the COVID-19 pandemic:

Services in CityU

  • Convenor of Research Cluster “Digital Society”, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • Research Degree Coordinator (for MPhil and PhD programmes), Department of Chinese and History
  • 香港城市大學人文社會科學院「數碼社會」研究群召集人
  • 香港城市大學中文及歷史學系研究學位課程統籌人

Services outside CityU

I sometimes review books and articles for publishers, journals, and conferences. Please send all peer review invitations to my email address.




  • DS Asia - Chinese history, Chinese social history, Chinese literati culture, Urban history, Chinese epistolary culture, Middle period, Song dynasty/Sung dynasty
  • AZ History of Scholarship The Humanities - Digital humanities, Digital history, Diigtal humanities in China, Biographical databases, Historical social networks