Visiting address
Phone: +852 34429187

Author IDs


  • PhD in Biomedical Sciences, School of Biomedical Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 2011-2014
  • MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China, 2003-2006
  • BSc in Biology, National Base of Biology Education, Yunnan University, China, 1998-2002

Research Interests/Areas

  • Hemodynamic shear stress and the endothelium in the process of atherosclerosis
  • The role of Hippo pathway in cardiovascular regulation
  • The endocrine function of endothelium in health and disease
  • Identification of new biomarker(s) for early diagnosis of atherosclerotic vascular disease
  • Identification of new compounds for atherosclerosis prevention and treatment
  • Inter-organ crosstalk and physical exercise


  • 2019 Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award (First-class award), The Ministry of Education, People Republic of China.
  • Research Excellence Award 2017 based on my publication in Nature in December 2016 from the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Huang Yu, Wang Li. US Provisional Application No. 62/431,094 filed on 7 December 2016.