Dr. JAILLON Lara Celine

BArch, MArch (Paris, Val de Marne), Ph.D. (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Architect DPLG    


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Dr Lara Jaillon joined City University in 2011. She has completed her studies in Architecture in France (University of Paris 4, Paris Val de Marne) and Canada (McGill University, Montreal) and completed her master thesis project in Hong Kong. She joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2000 where she obtained her PhD in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering. Her research works focus on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), carbon emissions, prefabrication, construction waste reduction, sustainable construction and design. She has recently completed a research project on comparing carbon emissions of precast and cast-in-situ construction methods. She is currently involved in three research projects. The first project investigates the impact of government policy on the use of prefabrication and associated waste reduction levels in high-rise building construction in Hong Kong (project funded by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council). The second project assesses life cycle assessment of construction methods used in high-rise residential buildings in Hong Kong. The third project evaluates the effectiveness of BEAM Plus as a measure to reduce waste generation from building construction. She has written articles published in local and international journals, and conferences.


  • CA19111: Integrated Studio - Small-Scale Buildings (Topic 1)
  • CA19121: Integrated Studio - Small-Scale Buildings (Topic 2)
  • CA19131: Integrated Studio - Small-Scale Buildings (Topic 3)
  • CA3184A: Architectural Design 4: Emergent Space Form (Topic 1)
  • CA3184B: Architectural Design 4: Emergent Space Form (Topic 2)
  • CA4174: Sustainable Architectural Design & Development
  • CA6163: Research Methods and Thesis Development Seminar in Architecture

Research Interests/Areas

Life Cycle Assessment, Carbon Emissions, Prefabrication, Construction Waste Management and Reduction, Sustainable Construction, Design for Disassembly, Sustainable Design, Passive Design, Participatory Design, Intergenerational Housing, Circular Economy


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