Dr. LEE Kwun Wa (李冠華)

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Gabriel, Kwun Wa LEE, PhD, is a post-doc researcher at City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, SAR. He obtained his PhD in social sciences from City University of Hong Kong in 2020.

Gabriel’s research interest includes Triad Society, De-Triadization, rehabilitation, Protestant intervention, substance use, education and youth issues. He published widely on these topics, especially in the area of Triad society and substance use. As of December 2021, Gabriel has published 6 SSCI journal articles and has also been preparing a few manuscripts related to Triad desistance for publications recently. Additionally, Gabriel has attended and presented at numerous international, regional, and local academic conferences.

In recent years, Gabriel has taught bachelor’s courses, including criminology courses and general social sciences courses. Students have greatly recognized his teaching ability. Students ranked his performance from 5.85 to 6.08 out of 7. Most of the courses involved over 150 students, while some classes had over 300 students.

Meanwhile, Gabriel is always well experienced in managing and organizing academic conferences and forums. From 2014 to 2019, he had helped and organized 6 local forums, 4 local conferences and 4 international conferences. His outstanding administration skills, communication, leadership and problem-solving resulted in the success of those events. Additionally, these qualities further consist him a systematic, intelligent, self-enhancing, and collaborative researcher.