Prof. CHAN Kwok Sum (陳國森)

Position(s) Available

Theoretical projects for Ph.D. Studies are available in the following areas. For further information about the projects, please contact me by email.

I. Nanophotonics (plasmonics): design and model nanophotonic devices based on plasmonic structures.

II. Spintronics and valleytronics in graphene, semiconductors and topological insulators: study how to manipulate, control and detect spin and valley in the nanostructures of these materials.

III. Floquet Topological insulators: investigate how a.c. perturbation can induce and manipulate topological order

IV. Electronic properties of multi-layer graphene: a study of the special electronic and topological properties of multi-layer graphene 

Ph.D studies are usually 4-year long for candidates with a BSc degree, or 3-year for candidates with an MPhil or MSc degree.

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Post-doc Position

Enquiries about post-doc position available are always welcome.

Post-doc Alumni

J H Wei (now faculty in Renmin University, Beijing)

J Wang (now faculty in Southeast University, Nanjing)

J F Liu (now faculty in South University of Science and Technology of China, Shenzhen)