Dr. CHIN Kwai Sang (錢桂生)



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1996PhDIndustrial EngineeringThe University of Hong Kong
1990MSc (Engg)Industrial EngineeringThe University of Hong Kong


  • Founding Programme Leader of BEng Systems Engineering and Management
  • Founding Programme Leader of BEng Total Quality Engineering
  • Former Programme Leader of MSc Engineering Management
  • Founding Programme Leader of BEng Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
  • Founding Deputy Programme Leader of BEng e-Logistics and Technology Management
  • ChuTian Chair Professor (Hubei Province Government), Wuhan University of Technology), PRC
  • Visiting Professor, Fuzhou University, PRC
  • ESPRC Visiting Research Fellow, Manchester School of Management, UK
  • Visiting Research Fellow, Fudan University, Shanghai, PRC
  • Visiting Research Fellow, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, PRC
  • Product Development Manager, SONCA Products Ltd (a subsidiary of Energizer Battery Co., USA)
  • Numerous consultancy, training and industrial projects; including: DHL, Roche, Techtronics, China Light & Power, Dupont Chemical, Philips Consumer Electronics, Chinese Manufacturers' Association, Federation of HK Industries, Q Mark Council, HKSAR Trade and Industry Department, Hong Kong Housing Society, Philips Semiconductors Philippines Inc., etc.


  • Academician, International Academy for Quality
  • Fellow, American Society for Quality
  • Fellow, Hong Kong Society for Quality
  • Fellow, Hong Kong Quality Management Association
  • International Council Member, American Society for Quality
  • Country Representative of Hong Kong, American Society for Quality
  • Founding member and Broad Representative of Hong Kong, Asian Network for Quality
  • Former Chairman, Hong Kong Society for Quality
  • Former Vice Chairman, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Division, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

Research Interests/Areas

  • Quality Systems and Management
  • New Product Design and Development
  • Decision Support Systems


  • Acquired total research funding as Principal Investigator: HK$10,980,478 in 26 projects
  • Supervised 14 PhD/EngD graduate students
  • "Development of an Advanced Decision Making Approach for Modelling Hybrid Probabilistic Uncertainties in Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis" (on-going)
  • "Effective Market Structure and Strategies and Integrated Management of Remanufacturing System" (on-going)
  • "Studying the Group Decision Making Process and Critical Decision Factors in Green Product Development" (Completed in 2015)
  • "Development of an integrated evidential reasoning approach using both belief and disbelief structures with validation in multi-criteria assessment of organizational innovation management" (Completed I 2014)
  • "Development of an Effective Approach to Model the Non-Linear Causal Relationship Between Key Control Factors and Patient Arrival at an Emergency Department of Hospital" (completed in 2013)
  • "Development of an Information Security Risk Assessment Model" (Completed in 2012)
  • "Optimizing Technical Target Setting in QFD: A Belief Rule-based Methodology" (Completed in 2011)
  • "Quality Function Deployment under Multiple Preference Formats with Various Uncertainties" (completed in 2010)
  • "Development of a Novel Methodology for Assessing Entrepreneurship Project Risks" (completed in 2010)

Editor or Editorial Membership

  • Associate Editor, Asian Journal on Quality
  • Associate Editor, Advances in Decision Sciences
  • Area Editor (Quality and reliability), Industrial Engineering & Management Systems
  • Regional Editor (East Asia), International Journal of Computer-aided Engineering and Technology
  • Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management
  • Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Quality, Statistics and Reliability