Prof. KWOK Kim (郭儉)

PhD (China Studies), University of Vienna, Austria

MA (Anthropology), Chinese University of Hong Kong

MA (Migration Studies), University of Sussex, England

BSS (Social Work), Chinese University of Hong Kong

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34425798

Author IDs

Research Interests/Areas

Ethnic minorities

Immigrant economy

Gender and sexuality

Children and adolescents with special educational needs

Multicultural social work


1. Employment decisions and the well-beings of the low-income older workers upon retirement.  Co-I, Caritas Institute of Higher Education. 2021-2023.

2. Exploring Intersectional Experiences of South Asian Ethnic Minority Students and Families in Special Educational Context in Hong Kong. PI, Equality Opportunities Commission. 2021-2022.

3. Ethnic Minorities Made Vocal and Voiceless: Political Participation and Opportunities of Ethnic Minorities during the Anti-Extradition Movement. PI, PPR (PICO). 2020.

4. Sexuality Education: Challenges for Minority Students. Co-I,  Education University of Hong Kong. 2020-2022.

5. A Study of Ethnic Economy of Disadvantaged Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong: Exploring Experiences in the Process of Social Integration. PI, FDS (UGC). 2016-2018.